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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Trip Diary - Chicago - Sunday

sunday the boys & i went down for breakfast while mom, who was still in "i need a break from the fighting" mode, stayed in the room.  heh.  anthony & i had a talk saturday night about things, and at first he & leyton were both in pretty good moods.  sadly, as breakfast went on, attitudes came back... and then were better by the time we headed to the museum.  except mom's was still kinda in the crapper... lol 

when we got to the museum, we parked in a lot at a park near the museum.  i thought we'd have to walk all the way around to the main entrance.  however, there was a science center entrance pretty close to our parking spot.  : )  i was THRILLED!  i love space stuff (even tho the thought of space kinda gives me the willies.  it's hard to explain.  *laugh*)!!!  

sadly, the attitudes came back in full force after we'd been in the museum for awhile.  after the ice cream, tho.  :)  i had butter pecan, because it was dad's favorite & i forget how much i like it til it's on a menu.  i shared it w/ leyton.  he's just like me & thinks the cone is the bestest part!  : )  

there were trains, oh TRAINS galore, making leyton happy!  he would have stayed forever in that one area if we'd let him.  well, if anthony would have let him... i think next time we might have to split up - if mom goes a next time!  *laugh*  

along w/ the trains, there was an AWESOME display of chicago, seattle, etc.  many nifty displays - planes & a hamster wheel, water works, construction - even some JD stuff!!

 baby chicks!!!  i didn't get a shot of the eggs in the hatchery, tho.

can you feel the excitement?!  : )  

after the museum, on our way to dinner, we got to look at the pretty beach.  i love lake michigan!  lots of great photo ops of the city, too.  and leyton decided he wanted to mug for the camera.  CUTENESS knows no bounds!  : )   

it was nice, even w/ all the not-niceness.  the bottom line is that i got to spend oodles of time w/ anthony, leyton, and mom.  THAT is the important thing, and that is what i love.  


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