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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Trip Diary - Chicago - Saturday - Part II

going to the airport to pick up anthony was quite the adventure.  first of all, it's a huge airport, and mom didn't have any information other than the flight #.  now, as you know, there are many different carriers and they all go from different terminals.  unless you know the company, it's kinda hard to know which terminal to go to.  

there was some awesomeness, tho - the way o'hare has set up their levels for the parking garage as the city's sports teams.  wicked!!  

we finally found out which airline anthony was flying in on, and went to that terminal.  however, apparently the flight anthony took went to a different terminal cuz it was a smaller plane.  so we hopped back on the tram & went to that terminal.  but then we couldn't get IN w/o going thru security.  by this point, mom was pretty frazzled.  she was talking to anthony trying to figure out where exactly he was at on the other side of security.  i took over the phone & talked him to us, because the baggage claim area was in a completely different terminal.  oye.  

it was sad, when anthony came out, tho.  leyton went running up to him to give him a great big hug... and anthony kinda brushed him off.  :(  i know he's 13 & leyton is 4, but ... it'd been a month, ya know?  and even teenagers need to have a sense of respect.  he uses "i'm 13!  i'm supposed to act like this!" all too often.  so, it was a little tense... BUT there was fun to be had.  

leyton was EXCITED about riding a train more than once even!  :)  

 this is the smile i got when i said, "Show me how happy you are to be on the train!"

and the boys did have some fun when we got back to the hotel.  unfortunately, just after the fun, there was crying because they went a little too far.  it was like that a lot - they'd be laughing & having a good time together & then suddenly it would go TOO FAR and a millisecond later someone is mad or crying or whining ... *sigh*  

and lest it sound like i am saying it's all anthony's fault - it's not.  leyton pesticates him right back & can cause issues as well.  it's just that leyton is learning his reactions & behavior partly from his big brother.  ya know?  

anywhoo!  so that was saturday!  can't believe it's taken me a week to get the whole day out!  lol 

tune in next time for Sunday's adventures!  : ) 


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