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Thursday, 4 August 2011

freaky thursday

i know, i know.  it's normally "freaky friday."  but today is thursday, and it was a little bit freaky.  not bad, tho.  

ya know the plan?  the plan to go to bed & get up early & get in to work early?  well, 1/2 of it worked. i got to bed earlier than normal!  however, apparently sleep was just too needed, because i woke up early...and went back to bed, to wake again 15 minutes late.  d'oh!!  

however, even w/ the late start, i got all my claims in & 1/2 my vacations.  AND had a 1/2 hour meeting w/ the boss.  yay me!  altho the meeting was a little ... confusing.  i don't like being confused!  

anyway!  other than the confusion & a headache that finally went away, it was a good day.  

AND i got to meet a friend for dinner at golden corral, which was excellent!  well, dinner was alright, but hanging out w/ my friend was awesome.  we hadn't seen each other in a little bit, so we had lots to catch up on, and closed the place down.  lol  : )  

my computer was acting funny when i got home, so i couldn't watch AGT or OLTL, but i popped in season 1 of Smallville, and that has been making me happy!  gosh, tom welling is attractive!  and, as a side note, my car has the same name as a character in this show.  i didn't name her chloe after chloe on the show, exactly - it's just that i loved the name so much!  i tried to name mom's garmin persephone, but that didn't fly, so she is called penelope.   : )  i have a thing for "e" names apparently... 

anywhoo!  TGIF tomorrow!  ready already for the weekend!  LOL  mom & i are going to see captain america after work tomorrow.  woot!  leyton was supposed to stay w/ mom & phil this weekend while jen & anthony went to adventureland, but jen decided to take leyton w/ them, so idk what i'm doing now!  i'll miss him, but - if anthony & his friend behave! - he should have fun!  

what're your weekend plans?  anything fun??  

ttfn!! : ) 

oh yeah - happy mail box today - turtle card from a postcrossing pal, laura!  can't scan it right now, but will include it later!  : )  

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