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Thursday, 28 July 2011

rainy day for travel...

so of course it's rainy today!  lol 

the good thing is, when i talked to mom last night, she said the plan for today was just to travel, stop for lunch, and check in at the hotel.  then swim & hang out there & figure out our itinary (ohmyheck how do you spell that??)(thank you www.dictionary.com - itinerary - i guess i have been mispronouncing?  d'oh!).  it's supposed to be sunny & nice on saturday, so that will probably be zoo day.  it doesn't matter so much if it's raining if we're going to be inside the aquarium/museums, right?  : )  

oh!  speaking of - did i tell you that mom discovered our local museum membership extends to the museum of science & industry and the field museum?  SCORE!  : )  

i got up earlier than i expected to this morning, which is why you get a lovely post from me, all random rambling.  aren't you lucky?  oh yes, yes you are.  and just to show you how much i love each & every one of you, please enjoy these awesome videos of the old spice guy, which i have been watching as i wait for mom & leyton.  : )  

be safe & have a great rest of the week/weekend!  if our hotel has internet, you will likely be hearing more from me.  LOL  and Muhahahahaha...!  




  1. Hope you are enjoying your trip!

  2. It was a blast, thanks, Brooke!! : )