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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

photos from the evening

jen asked me to watch the boys tonight, and said just til 8 or so.  i picked up leyton at parkside a bit before 6 & she again said she'd be home around 8:30.  leyton & i went to arthur's to pick up a sammich for me & pudding & milk for him, and also something to drink.  yes, i know, milk is something to drink.  *laugh*  ANYWAY!  ; )  

we got to jen's about 6:30 & anthony & jake were playing zombies.  leyton & i had our snack/dinner & then went outside to play catch & he told me i could "take as many pictures" as i wanted!  :)  so we did!  

anthony & jake came out after awhile to play w/ us.  except anthony tried to make it so leyton "couldn't" play w/ them.  i was not having any of that, of course!  and jake seems like a polite young man in that he tried to help keep them from fighting!  LOL  

despite some attitude which i had to squash, we had a fun time til the sun went down!  God created some gorgeous artwork for us tonight, too!  : )  

leyton was filthy & needed a bath, but didn't want a bath, but really did want a bath.  *laugh*  ah, the complexities of a four year old!  after he was cleaned up, he jammied & we read a train story, watched the end of beauty & the beast & gave good-night hugs.  jen got home about 9:30 or so, and we chatted for awhile before i left for home.  

the other annoyance i had (besides the fighting, which wasn't TOO bad) was this - jen told me she would be home around 8:30.  okay.  then about 7:30, anthony asks me what is the latest time his mom needs to be home.  i was like, "what are you talking about?"  my phone was in the pocket of my skirt & i checked to make sure i hadn't missed a text.  i hadn't.  i told him i thought she was going to be home at 8:30 & he said something about her having another game, and then was like, "i need a yes or no answer" & getting snippy w/ me.  so i texted jen & asked her why she was texting anthony if she was going to be home late??  i told her straight out that it's annoying because he doesn't give me all the information or whatever.  so then she texted me the details (she didn't realize she was set up to play at 8 as well) & i said that was fine i could stay an extra hour.  i meant to ask her why she does that, but forgot when she got home.  she does it when he's w/ mom, too.  she'll text him something to ask mom instead of just texting (or, *gasp* calling) mom directly.  then things get confusing, tangled, and attitudey when they don't need to!!  

anyway again!  *laugh*  i gotta get to sleep, oh my goodness!  (oh that was another thing, had to ask jake to say "oh my gosh or goodness or heck, whatever" instead of "oh my God" and anthony was like, "see!"  so he must've said something before about not saying oh my God.  but whatever, you are a child and in my care and there is an impressionable four year old in my care and i am going to share with you that - at least while i'm there - GOD IS NOT A SWEAR WORD!  so then the next couple times jake "slipped" i said something about it being good to pray.  : ))  now, my adult friends who say oh my God, i don't really scold them.  if they say Jesus Christ in a derogatory way or swearing, i most certainly DO, tho.  because, really, they could be saying "oh my god" and not meaning THE God but just a symbol, word, whatever.  there's only one interpretation of using the Lord's name as a swear word, tho, and i just cannot stand for it.  His name is precious, ya know?

whew!  again!  it's 1 AM & i have meetings tomorrow & a lot of work to get done.  so much for getting up at 5!  i hope my (slight, ha) rantiness this evening/morning hasn't turned you grumpy.  be happy, have a great night & ttfn!  Jesus loves you!!  : )  and so do i.  

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  1. I LOVE photos of your nephews, especially Leyton :) He always makes my day! :) I love the photos of God's artwork as well :) I understand what you mean about using the Lord's name in vain. I think it's wonderful that you ask Jake to say oh my gosh instead. I use "OMG" a lot - but I definitely do not mean THE God when I do. I hope people don't think I'm using OMG literally :( I never quite thought about it before I read this. His name is precious you're right :)