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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

big brother season 1

thank you, YouTube!  i'm watching season 1 now.  i missed tonight's episode because i had to get groceries after work.  btw, oh my heck, i spent like $75 more than i thought i would.  and that was BEFORE i added $25 for gas!  oooh, but the good thing about gas - i was able to fill my tank at $3.29/gal!  (it makes me a little sick that i'm HAPPY about $3.29/gal...)

anyway, i should be set on groceries for awhile...i hope... *laugh*  and when i got home, my computer was acting up. so i watched some buffy.  : )  but then ... i don't even remember what made me think of it.  i was looking up good charlotte lyrics for a comment on jessi's blog (which i then ended up using a jimmy eat world song because i couldn't find the right GC song) & then i was reading by bbdish update, and they mentioned something about how season 1 was different, and i had forgotten.  so then i wondered if it was on youtube and it IS!  hooray!  chicken george!  brittany!  JOSH (so cute!)!  : )  i like the way it's edited now WAY better than season one so far, but i'm thinking for the next season BB should go kinda old school.  bring back the chickens!  lol  maybe not that, but ... i think it'd be cool to bring back the america voting ppl out rather than the houseguests.  whadda ya think, BB peeps??  

i think it's time to sleep before 1 AM.  TTFN!  : )  

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