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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


sometimes i am annoyed by things.  this doesn't mean i hate them or even dislike them - i am just annoyed.  and i wonder when it became a crime to be annoyed, or to voice one's annoyance?  why does everyone insist things have to be "happy" all the time?  or, insist that no one point out the bad things that happen?  

oh, ppl SAY - corporations SAY - governments SAY - churches SAY that they have open-door policies, ethics, morals, compliance, procedures for anyone who feels something has been done incorrectly.  only, as soon as anyone tries to point out something that isn't going right, isn't being done morally, ethically, compliantly ... suddenly there's finger pointing, denials, and attempts to get the "troublemakers" out of whatever area they're in.  

democrats - someone points out a flaw in their party's position & instead of stopping to think about it or attempting to discuss it, they get ignorant & either A) start insulting someone's family or B) calling them stupid.  and that's it. 

republicans - i'm not entirely sure what happens when you point out a flaw in their party's position on a personal level.  my republican friends don't stoop to insulting my family or intelligence when we disagree on a point anyway like my democrat friends do.  but from a grander scale, there doesn't seem to be a lot of actual answers when a flaw is pointed out.  

i don't know quite where this whole thought came from, other than i'm tired of ppl LYING and pretending it's truth.  pretending they're so "right."  pretending to be so moral or ethical or whatever.  maybe pretending isn't quite the right word, because that implies a deliberateness, which i don't think is accurate.  i think ppl ACTUALLY think they're right and don't see the contradictions... 

meh.  sorry my thought process is so choppy.  i am just tired.

i'm gonna do another post of leyton/anthony/jake pics from tonight & then go to bed because tomorrow is another busy day!

what annoys you?  do you hold back or let everyone know you're annoyed?  does it help, whatever road you take?  do share!!  : )  


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  1. You know what annoys me? All the passwords I'm supposed to remember for every stupid account I have. I have the hardest time remembering passwords. It's annoying.