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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A weird wednesday

Omh! So i am writing from my phone bcause angel knocked a rather full cup of diet soda on the cpu & modem. :( idk how to fix it! The computer is working & the power of the modem works - but not the internet or ethernet light/connections. Agh!!!

Other than that today went pretty well. Crazy-hectic-busy, sure, but i managed to get lots accomplished & ppl helped, so i count a win. :) ptL! Also had my semi-monthly meeting w/ my manager, & set up a shadow w/ our payroll area for next week. Hooray!

And mom invited (& treated) me to a movie after work. We saw The Help. Sooooooo excellent!! Long, but worth it. Need to pick up the book now! :) had some good convos w/ mom, too :)

umm... After the soda incident i watch Serenity & read some of my latest tara t quinn. Good story so far! Tara & MargotEarly are two of my favorite emotional writers.

Well it is hard to do a post on my phone! Hope your dat was blessed! Off to sleep now! Ttfn! )

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