"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 27 August 2011


been a busy day at casa de marie!  : )  had a really nice sleep, then did some housework (ugh, doing housework always makes me feel inadequate, like i'm not doing enough, like it's not good enough.  i really need to hire a service since aunt jan's teams never have time to come over!).  read some of Lies My Teacher Told Me - really an eye opener!  

the other day my wall-mate & i were talking about buffy, and so i had a hankerin to watch it.  *laugh*  i pulled out season 1 & am having a mini-marathon.  and it's not even christmas!!  

my bug dude came & sprayed the inside w/ anti-ant spray, and thank God for him!  thank God for ppl & pet safe spray, too.  : )  

now i'm off to pick up leyton, run to WM - i have $19 & need $16 worth of stuff.  oye!!  i really hate weeks when i'm literally living paycheck to paycheck & one paycheck comes up short.  :(  i just hate the feeling of brokeness.  altho i do have change, so maybe i'll dig thru that before i leave... hurry up payday!  LOL  

what're you up to today?  ttfn!

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