"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 28 August 2011


yes, it was a packed sunday.  i may need a day to recover from my weekend.  what's that?  oh, back to work tomorrow?  well, okay.  (but next weekend is a three day weekend, so hooray!!)

leyton fell asleep on the couch last night, so i just let him stay there.  i left the livingroom light on for him, so he wouldn't be scared when he woke up.

which he did around 4 a.m.  i had him take another dose of tylenol because he felt a little warm & i just wanted to make sure!  then i tucked him into his bed & we both went back to sleep!  : )  we didn't get up til 8:30 or 9!  woot!  

i made breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage, waffle) while he watched thomas.  after i was out of the shower & dressed, phil called & we chatted for a bit.  leyton wanted to talk to him, as well, so i gave him the phone.  after they'd hung up & been off the phone for a few minutes - leyton called him back!  LOL  i think he's done that before, but i forgot he has his dad's number memorized.  LOL  

we played for a bit more, rescuing turtles & the like.  

he even found an old pair of my glasses - which, interestingly, i could still see out of!  he looks WAY cuter in these than i ever did, i'm sure.  i can't even believe i wore those, they are so BIG!  lol   

then it was time to get him dressed in cat hair-free clothing, and head out to hallmark so i could get a sympathy gift from the team.  except when we got in the car, i realized my billfold was missing!  

dun dun dun!

i searched the house.  i called mom to see if i'd left it there last night.  she wasn't home, so we just went over there so i could look.  no billfold.  i was praying but not panicking.  i called WM - and sure enough, they had it!  thank God!  apparently, in all the melee yesterday, i left it at the register.  d'oh!!  ah well, it was nice for leyton & phil to hang out for a bit.  : )  

then leyton & i met mom at my house cuz when i'd called her about the billfold she suggested we go to lunch.  : )  i ran in to WM first & then we went to wendy's to eat.  nothing spectacular, but it was filling.  : )  

mom & i took leyton to jen at marty's & then we stopped by the memorial for ginny, our family friend who passed away last week.  she dropped me at home & i went to hallmark.  found what i hope is a nice gift... after that, i went to becca's church for a creative memories get together.  couldn't buy anything, but got some good ideas if ever i have a few hundred in disposable income!  LOL  

i headed to mom's after the party, so we could watch BB together.  LOVE IT!  especially because i have been reading the feeds & april was reading the feeds & so i know what's been going down!  LOL  love it!  

talked to juli for a bit when i got home, and that was nice.  my newest niece shall be born around new year's.  woot!!  : )  now i'm settled in for some Buffy, and soon will be headed to zzzzzz land!  

all in all, a really good way to spend daddy's birthday.  he would have been 65.  



  1. Sounds like a most fantastic way to celebrate daddy's birthday! :) I know he was smiling down on ya'll! :)

    So glad WM held your wallet for you! The panic that happens when you realize you've left your wallet or purse somewhere is the worst! I once left my wallet at a Taco Bell and luckily like your situation, they saved it for me!

    I love the pics of Leyton!! The ones of him chatting to his dad are just TOO precious! :)

    Loved reading about your sweet Sunday spent with family :) xo

  2. See, there ARE good ppl in the world who will help strangers out! : )