"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

glee glee glee glee

glee project was my marathon tonight & ohhhh!  stayed up too late watching.  but that damian, man, he compels me!  his accent!  his eyes!  his cute little smile!  ohhhhh.  and before that, i fell in love w/ canada all over again, watching a couple episodes of rookie blue.  i want to marry a canadian, should i marry.  a nice canadian detective, who has been a mountie.  yesss...!  ; )  

i wasn't feeling very well today & thought i might not make it the whole day, but i did.  well, a normal day, but i didn't stay late.  a co-worker had a death in the family, so i stopped at hallmark to pick up a sympathy card for everyone to sign.  being in the sympathy aisle was unexpectedly torturous.  like, i know i've been missing dad especially lately, and i know this is the beginning of my "hard time."  yet, it still hits me out of the blue!  what the what?  marty offered to pick up the card, and i was just, "Nah, i'll be fine, but thanks."  then i got to the sympathy aisle.  and i saw all the cards for fathers.  and then i saw the mother cards, and i got a shot to my chest.  like, i am just so grateful for my mom & the relationship we have now, and ... i hope i picked a good card, because i really booked it out of that aisle fairly quickly as soon as that feeling hit me.  i don't think it quite helped that the store was filled w/ HALLOWEEN decorations...!

to highlight the dichotomy that is me - i didn't struggle as much w/ those decorations.  like, logic would tell you - you have a reaction to the sympathy cards, thinking about your dad that you miss very much.  he died on halloween.  you have a hard (HARD) time w/ halloween.  of course running out of the sympathy aisle into a bunch of halloween stuff is going to be hard.  however, illogically, the halloween stuff actually comforted me.  what?  i know, right?!  i was looking at the Peanuts stuff & thinking of good memories of daddy.  there was a plaque w/ a lucy quote that he was fond of - "I've never been mistaken in my life.  I thought I was once, but I was wrong."  HAHAHA!  : )  makes me smile every time i think of him saying that.  so, finding that plaque right then amongst all this halloween stuff... well, it was like he sent me a message or something.  

AND THEN!  i didn't even have to pay for the cards, because i had a rewards certificate and $$ on a hallmark giftcard.  sweetness!  

when i got home, i made pasta w/ chicken for dinner & it was pretty good.  leftovers for lunch tomorrow if i remember to bring them.  : )  

april reminded me that BB was on, and i got to watch about 1/2 of it (but i can watch it on youtube later).  was trying to chat w/ her during the show, and my computer kept saying "NO YOU DON'T!" and randomly shutting off.  d'oh!  so that was frustrating - it was the first time we'd been online at the same time for more than 5 minutes - and we only got to talk for like 5 minutes btwn breakdowns!  and then it was fine the rest of the night.  (thankfully, but still the BB thing was frustrating!)

i met mom at murphy after she got off work & she filled my tank w/ gas.  *HUGS* to mom!  we talked about BB & leyton spending the night saturday (she thought he was staying at her house cuz phil told her he was, but then jen asked me?  mis-communication somewhere!) & then she randomly mentioned that a family friend, ginny, had passed away & her celebration of life service would be sunday.  ?!?!  she thought she'd told me earlier, but it must've been phil, because i hadn't even known ginny was sick!  i just saw her at the family 4th of july picnic & we chatted on a bit.  :'(  so yeah.  

so, if you think of it & can add ginny's family & my co-worker's family to your prayer list this week, it'd be much appreciated!  tho we have faith and knowledge that both ladies are rejoicing w/ the Lord right now - and i'm sure if there are welcoming parties to heaven that daddy & grandpa vern & grandma arlene were all at ginny's.  : ) 

i hope your wednesday was less wacky, but just as blessed!  tomorrow is double eviction on BB, and i'm hoping to watch at mom's, but might have to risk it here again!  ; )  goodnight & TTFN!  

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  1. oh yes, also - GLEE's next season starts SOON! : )