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Thursday, 25 August 2011


this post may contain spoilers from the glee project finale & tonight's LIVE episode of big brother.  so, if you're one of those ppl (like me) who watch things late & (unlike me) don't want to know what happened...don't read this!  LOL 

today was an odd, but ultimately good day.  i woke up still not feeling well, but had things i needed to do at work, so i went in.  didn't make it very long, tho, and ended up leaving after 2 hours.  i was pretty miserable for a few hours.  :(  BUT i watched some dance movies to cheer me up - honey & fame!  : )  then i went for the cute boy & watched about a boy.  HUGH GRANT yumminess!  : )  

i tried to watch last night's BB since i missed 1/2 of it, but my computer was anti-BB again, so ... alas!  mom called around 6 & asked if i was coming over to watch tonight's show, so i headed over there, after a stop at culver's for some RED MEAT which i was craving!  : )  they were having a classic car gathering in the parking lot.  i wonder if they do that regularly??  would have loved to get pictures!  there was even an appearance by the general lee!  woot!  

BB was SO SAD for me tonight!  well, bittersweet.  dani got the boot, yay!  but then jordan lost the HOH by a wrong answer & it was bye bye to my favorite player, jeff!  poor jordan!  :(  i mean, i'm sad for jeff, of course.  i wanted him to win!  but alas again.  anyway, i feel bad for jordan since she's had her jeff in the game this whole time.  i also wonder, tho, if she'll step up her own game now.  : )  

when i got home, i watched the finale of the glee project.  i rooted for damian.  i've been rooting for him since the beginning thanks to his adorableness and accent, of course!  ; )  but after the jeff thing, i was prepared to be disappointed again.  

BUT I WASN'T DISAPPOINTED!  i didn't think i could love glee more, but i now will!  *laugh*  they whittled the final four down to 2.  damian was still in it, but from what the judges said i figured samuel would win.  and then he did, and poor damian's face broke my heart!  but then... then ryan said that damian had won, TOO, and his face lit up like the sun and ... oh, it was just so sweet!!!  : )  then he went even further and announced that linds & alex both get to do 2 episode guest shots!!!  

amazing, really.  : )  

so, there you go.  *laugh*  how was your day?


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