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Sunday, 21 August 2011

just a random thought before bed

okay, it's not that i really want to be a blog of note (yes i do) or anything.  it's just that as i'm looking at some of the recent ones i can't help but think - THIS?  they picked THIS?  what am i missing???

i'm not going to give examples, since i'm sure if i ever AM fortunate enough to be a blog of note (*waves* *panders to audience*) i'm sure someone will think that about me.

anywhoo.  bed calls!  : )



  1. I thought the same thing recently. All I'll say is that the blog I thought that about (and still do) had less than 20 posts before being chosen as BON. But somehow already had about eleventy million followers? What is that? HOW IS THAT??


  2. yeah... i sense BOT. the other thing that gets me is when blogs are picked that haven't posted in 2 years. they might be amazing, but ... where'd they go??