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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

the good list

i had to do a WTH today because of some crap that went down.  i am still in shock about it, and i wish i could rant & rave publicly & loudly about it.  it sickens me that i can't even talk about it.  *sigh*

if that hadn't happened it would have been a pretty perfect day.  i slept til 10:30 & then got up & met april for lunch - thai!  pumpkin curry!  sa-te!  YUMMINESS!  and april treated - she is so nice!!  (thanks again, thanks again, thanks agaaaaainnnn!)(okay, really, i'm done thanking you now.  for that.  maybe.  LOL)  

after lunch, she went w/ her family to see the smurfs (hey, how was that??) and tool around the cities. my plan was to go home, pick up the stuff i need to mail, and head to the PO.  however, mom changed my plans by texting me to see if i wanted to go to a movie!  : )  of course i wanted to go to a movie!  *laugh* 

we saw cowboys & aliens, and even tho i missed a 1/2 an hour in the middle due to the crappy event mentioned above, i really enjoyed the movie.  daniel craig & harrison ford make a good team.  also, daniel craig's hat makes an excellent 3rd team member!  (okay, any indiana jones fans out there?   you know how he's always making sure to have his hat in the movies?  like, he rescues it & stuff?  yeah, that's what DC's character, jake, does in this movie!  idk if it was on purpose or not, but i thought it was a cool homage to one of his co-star's most popular characters!)  

after the movie, i did some grocery shopping at the WM.  i'm pretty satisfied w/ what i bought for $150.  sometimes after getting groceries i have shopper's remorse, because i have bought things that i probably could do w/o.  this time, tho, i stuck mostly to the list in my head (i did add in cream of chicken and tomato soup, as well as a salmon frozen meal because it looked good), and feel good that what i bought will last me the week.  woot!  

i did, however, forget to look at purchasing a new bra so i could take the AWFULLY EXPENSIVE ones i bought at kohl's back.  AND to top off that, the wire that i thought i had fixed popped out again causing great amounts of pain in the boobage area.  :(  so, tomorrow i will either have to jerry-rig something so i'm not being poked constantly, or break down & wear one of the new ones & only return one... decisions, decisions... 

aren't you glad i shared about the bra thing?  yes, i knew you would be.  LOL  

anyway!  when i got home, i watched some switched at birth (LOVE), secret life and suits (why, USA/Hulu?  why do you make me wait THIRTY DAYS after airing to watch your shows??  it makes me sad!  and also - where is my new royal pains episode, huh?  i've had white collar & now suits, surely RP's 30 days has to be up by now???  *cry*  i want my lawson brothers!!) .  

now last night i was up til almost 4.  but it's now 12:30 & i reallllly need to get to bed!  tomorrow & thursday are going to be CRAZY busy.  i might get to breathe on friday.  : )  oh!  but mom's off the rest of this week, so there may be more movies in my future after work... woot!  

what've you been up to today??

oh, and don't worry - i'll continue on w/ my weekend posts tomorrow.  i know you are anxiously awaiting pictures of the zoo (dolphin show!) and museums (leyton next to a giant whale!  leyton & gramma eating salads! anthony & leyton looking at replicas of chicago!)!  :)  


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