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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Trip Diary - Chicago - Friday

friday, i think mom & leyton got up super early, because i didn't sleep TOO late, and they already had been down to breakfast & were back when i got up!  they brought me some goodies.  : )  

soon we were ready to hit the road for the field museum.  along the way we saw LOTS of trains.  leyton was uber excited!!  : )  

i love the city skyline.  i didn't get very good pictures that day, but i might have some from sunday... *laugh*  have to wait & see!  anyway, the field museum was lots of fun!  leyton enjoyed the whale exhibit (no photos allowed, boo!) and we all had fun at lunch, as well.  : )  

when we got to the museum, leyton ran right into the africa exhibit, which was funny only because we were going to steer him to the more interactive things.  so, he was running around looking at everything - and he did find some things to play with, such as the camel footprints:

but then he felt trapped as we wound our way around.  he said, "oh my goodness, we're trapped!" and "there's no way out!"  LOLOLOL  it was seriously hilarious.  except that when we got to the coffee/nut/seed display, he was interested in those.  : )  

mom & i were both really impressed with how well he did!  and the only exhibit i really missed seeing was the gem exhibit.  leyton was NOT interested in those at all.  *laugh*  

he would have spent hours on this "bus" if we'd've let him, tho!  ; )  

when we left the museum, we tried to find the children's garden, but didn't have much luck.  we did, however, come across a hot dog vendor, and so we sat on a ledge & ate a snack before heading back to the car.  we also fed some feathered friends... 

at the parking garage, we became an episode of seinfeld.  remember when they lost their car in the parking garage...?  LOL  HILARIOUS but also not because mom was getting cranky, and i was getting cranky back, and then poor leyton thought we were trapped again.  which then mom & i both were like, "no, don't worry, it will be okay!"  : )  and it was - we were looking for the car on the wrong floor.  whoops!!  

we finally found the car & headed home, well home-away-from-home.  :)  

it was a GREAT friday!  next up - the zoo!  : )  



  1. That was a great episode of Seinfeld...they all were. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Yes! I would like to have Seinfeld on DVD, I think. Miss it! And, thanks, Brooke! : )