"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 29 August 2011


- monday was nutty, busy, fun, and not at all stressy.

- okay, maybe a little.  ; )  

- worked through lunch.  well, i did take a break, but ate at my desk while uploading photos & helping ppl w/ timecard/vacation issues.  

- had a meeting about photos, which was fun.

- another meeting was cancelled & will have to be rescheduled, which was okay because it gave me more time to work on stuff & things.  lol 

- met mom for dinner at outback.  my asparagus & potato were yummy, but the woodfire grilled steak was just okay.  :(  i hate when they get steak wrong, ya know?  bother.  anyway, i'm sure it'll be good leftover... and it was nice to hang out w/ mom, of course!!  : )  

- at home, uploaded pictures to photobucket & watched Buffy & read some blogs & played that stupid angry birds game.  oye!  got to talk to trish.  : )  

- it's midnight & i'm tired & i wanna go to bed.  more meetings tomorrow.  or maybe just one?  idk.  anyway!  goodnight!  



  1. I love fun meetings! :)

    Oh man I hate it when a good steak is wasted because a restaurant got it wrong :( I'm glad you got to enjoy dinner with your mom though! :)

    Are you going to be watching Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show on the CW?

    I've never played angry birds, but Philip is OBSESSED with it! ha I've played other games on his phone, just not that one lol

    Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday and that your meetings go smoothly!


  2. Thanks, Marianne!! My meetings today got cancelled, and even tho I was disappointed to miss one of them, it gave me more time to get some things done! LOL

    YES I am looking forward to the new SMG show. She's too cute to miss! : )

    I'm trying NOT to get obsessed w/ the Birds, but... well... the levels are just so much fun! LOL