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Monday, 8 August 2011


i'm just having this incredible desire to travel lately!  i want to go to DC again.  i keep seeing pictures everywhere ppl are posting from their trips, and i've never been to the library of congress, and i've never seen the declaration of independence up close, and i have touched the memorial wall but i want to do it again.  i want to drink starbucks while walking down pennsylvania avenue.  i want to FEEL the history.  and also be a little close to lee & amanda.  *laugh*  AND VISIT APRIL!  : )  

today was crazy busy & went super fast.  too fast.  lol  lunch was awesome, tho - met my friend andrea at adolph's for their amaaaaazing salsa.  i had 2 enchiladas & a taco, but i could have made a meal of the chips & salsa for sure.  and speaking of mexico... mexico sent me 700 photos today.  *gasp*  and somewhere else has 1200 they're working on sending me.  i spent 1/2 my day working on photos!  i was hoping to work late tomorrow, but jen asked me to pick leyton up around 5:30, so i guess i'm doing that.  FAMILY FIRST!  : )  

also!  i get to hang out w/ leyton friday night & he's spending the night at mom/phil's saturday.  anthony's spending the night there friday & at his grandma melody's saturday, we think.  he can't stay the night here cuz he's allergic to cat hair.  bummer!   but leyton & i will have fun w/ the jumping & the popcorn & the phineas & ferb & the thomas & the all sorts of fun!  : )  

my computer allowed me to watch two episodes of rookie blue tonight & then went ppphhhhttt when i tried to watch anything else.  alas!  but they were KICKIN' eps of RB!  idk if i talk about it (all the time) or not but i love me some canadians!!  *beam*  they say "tomorrow" and i just go all squishy inside.  heh.  i also watched another canadian in firefly.  nathan fillion has a cute butt, btw.  just thought i'd toss that out there, in case anyone was wondering.  LOL  

erm... there was a pretty nifty storm this afternoon.  LOTS of rain, beautiful clouds.  loves it!  

oh goodness, i think i'm going a bit loopy & should go to bed.  : )  hope your monday was MARVELOUS and also that your (and my) tuesday is TOTALLY TERRIFIC!  : )  


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