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Monday, 22 August 2011


should have been to bed an hour ago.

work was fine.  got all my claims in.  yay!  i was worried, a bit, this morning.  i got a little inundated w/ timecard issues, & wasn't sure i would have time to get all the claims in by 5.  but happily, the timecard issues were resolved, claims were in by 4, vacations done by a little after 5... and i was outta there at 5:15.  woot! 

after last night's dinner that didn't work out very well, i really was wary to make anything.  yet i was hungry.  so dinner consisted of some chili & a mint ice cream sandwich.  not together.  *laugh*  

i watched a State of Georgia marathon, Melissa & Joey,  and The Protector.  and something else, but i don't remember... huh.  oh, last night i watched rizzoli & isles, right, and angie harmon is in it.  well then as i was going to bed, i thought about Crossing Jordan (*heart*) and could not for the life of me remember who played jordan (jill hennessey)!  cuz she looks like angie harmon & i always used to mix the two up... was driving me batty til i finally googled.  

speaking of Google... did you know that google+ has angry birds?  i'd never played it before tonight, but can totally see its addictive quality... LOL  

i'm off to bed now, so ttfn!  hug your dad, if you're able, cuz i'm missing mine A LOT. 


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