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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Network issues are so much fun! (not)

Today i slept for about 12 hours. It was needed!! :) after that my day was pretty blessed & relaxing - but my phone kept throwing up network errors so i couldn't play online. *pout* johnna & joy said they were having similar issues. Nutty!

I finally connected after taking the battery out. Heh

anyway, i watched some SMK & AUGUST RUSH (& oh my heck i want the soundtrack!) & 27 dresses (so cute)! i went to the post office to drop off bill payments (agh) & then got dinner & came home to watch Tru Calling.

i am enjoying watching all these pieces of my collection & reading my books - i finally finished my thrsday next book, read a tara taylor quinn book & am now onto a 43 light street story. next i think will be hunger games - i hear it's good! ;) but i am missing all my blogs! i feel so disconnected from everyone :(

*sigh* hoping to get a new modem this week, so we shall see! i hope everyone is doing well. send me some comment or email updates, would you?? i miss you!


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  1. Are you watching OLTL? I am catching up on last weeks...I think I skipped Thursday and am into Friday. This Two Todd thing is weird....