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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Trip Diary - Chicago - Saturday - Part I

saturday, mom, leyton & i headed to brookfield.  

they were hosting the chicago fire soccer team that day, so there was lots to do!  

we got to ride the tram around, but didn't see many actual animals on this trip... 

what we DID get to see was an amazing dolphin show!  i love dolphins!!!  : )  

 seriously, how CUTE is she??  he?  no idea if this is a boy 
dolphin or a girl dolphin, but it sure is CUTE!  : ) 

 forgot to unzoom before getting a picture of the clapping!  

after the show, we went into the gift shop where i found a present for a certain seahorse loving friend of mine (now, to mail it, ooooh)!  leyton found a cool spinny toy that is a world & then a dolphin inside.  he likes the world.  he went up to several displays of our planet at the museum, too.  he likes to tell us, "hey, i found where we live!"  smart cookie!  : )  we went to visit the dolphins' underwater lair and then also the seals for a bit.  

and a nice asian gentleman there w/ his family (all girls) took a lovely picture of the three of us!  : ) 

after the zoo, we went to dinner at weber grill - YUM!  our waiter was, i think, from greece.  he sounded just like yanni.  (and he was hot.  i wish i could have stealthily taken a picture of him!  ;)  oh, speaking of yanni - did you see the restaurant i posted yesterday??  who knew?!  gonna hafta eat there one of these days.  : )  

after dinner, we headed over to o'hare to pick up anthony.  that was an adventure!  LOL  i'll write more about it tomorrow, tho.  it's time for bed!  i watched AGT & then a couple episodes of rizzoli & isles (love!) tonight.  no GH, and no OLTL.  i am actually contemplating watching todd... but no.  the other night i think i had todd overload as he invaded my dreams!  but it wasn't even todd, it was just strange.  they were good dreams, at least!  : )  


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