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Saturday, 20 August 2011

nephew day

i don't have much to say about today, because there was lots of attitude being tossed about & i don't want to make it sound like today wasn't fun.  it was fun!  but it was also heartbreaking in a way... *sigh*  anyway, i'm just going to let the pictures speak for me.  

 oh my heck, proof that they actually CAN HAVE FUN TOGETHER!!!


 tsk tsk tsk!  ; )  

how was your saturday??



  1. That would be such a dream day for Big!

  2. You might have to put it on your list for a vacation spot! ; ) we were gonna go to JD HQ, too, cuz they have a display floor w/ lots of fun equipment as well. currently there's a huge combine there. sadly, the road was blocked off. boo!