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Friday, 19 August 2011

thank you, century link! : )

i'm baaaaack!  hooray!  *flips*  *parties*  *dances*  hoorayyyy!!!!  : )  

of course, i'm not all up & running, because my computer still has issues, and shut down in the middle of installing norton & whatnot.  but at least i have a working modem and internet connection!  PTL!  

i would sincerely like to thank mary & qwest/centurylink for their help.  thank you, thank you, thank you!  

tonight i'm just hopping on briefly to catch up on a couple blogs, write this lovely post, and see how insane my email has gotten... LOL  tomorrow i'm taking the boys to the pavillion to play on the JD equipment, and then hopefully i'll have some lovely PICTURE-FILLED posts because i know y'all have missed seeing them as much as i've missed writing them.  right?  *crickets*  ah well, no matter.  ; )  

have you read the hunger games trilogy?  i'm really not sure what i think of this first book.  i'm 1/2 way thru right now.  it's certainly an interesting story... but i'm just not sure i LIKE it.  ya know?  kinda like the davinci code.  i recognize it as a good story, i just didn't really like it.  


well, before i ramble away too much, i'll say goodnight!  *HUGS*  goodnight!  : )  typing feels soooo good!  



  1. Nice to see you back. Have you been able to keep up on OLTL and the Todd saga? It is quite the story... definitely stretching my ability to suspend reality.

  2. oh my heck, brooke! i kept writing a post asking you for updates -and my phone kept not publishing it! LOL anyway, i have watched a total of 10 minutes the past week & a half/two weeks. i know that one of the todds is actually a 1/2 brother named victor jr? but idk which one. and are they twins? and was not-roger todd brainwashed to think he was todd or is he really todd?

    so many questions!!! LOL

  3. They are actually identical twins. Irene Manning came back and explained how she had Todd brought to her after he was beat and left for dead by Mitch Lawrence. At the time, the other twin, Victor Jr. was with Irene but as she said he was "special". And then for some reason that I still don't understand she kept the real Todd captive. Anyhow, she ends up having Victor surgically altered so that she can send him in as Walker Lawrence and then Todd. She brainwashes him with all of Todd's memories and then he spends the next 8 years in Llanview living as Todd. It's a very disturbing story that ends up really making you feel sorry for both guys because they both got robbed of their lives by someone that was supposed to be their Mom.

    Read these recaps...



  4. oh my goodness, thank you for the recap & the links! awesomeness! i, too, feel SO BAD for both todds. well, todd & victor, i guess. man! why is this show ending? bah.