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Saturday, 20 August 2011

down by the river (photos)

remember last weekend when mom, leyton & i took the water taxi across the river to play at the pavilion?  : )  here are some pictures!  

 architectural park - it's a turret!!  : )  

 is that the boat?  

 it is!  it is!  we're going on the channel cat!!!
(he was SO excited!)  

 i *heart* this picture!!  : )  


 bunny ears!

 wearing the JD shirt he picked out the night before at Kohl's.  
: ) 

 Lunch at TGIFriday's 

 lots of lily pads & ducks to watch at the dock. 

 love this picture, too!  

 so, on the ride back, there was some spray going on.  
we got a little wet.
leyton changed places w/ gramma right after i took this picture.
the left side of her shirt got SOAKED.  
i had to clean off my glasses 3 times.  

we had a LOT of fun, and it was a beautiful day.  


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