"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 26 August 2011

happy friday! woot!

Felt MUCH better today, thank God!  Especially good since – for only being gone what boiled down to 6 hours of work-time – I came back to 50 some emails.  Lol  normally I schedule ½ an hour to work on emails when I get in.  today I scheduled two hours, but then they kept coming in as I was working on them, so it ended up being closer to 3 ½!  That’s a lot of email, folks.  *laugh*  a good chunk contained photos – and a couple of those contained more than one or two photos! 
I got a note from my friend Mary at Qwest/Century Link.  She was still working on my account, as when we’d talked about my modem she had pointed out some savings opportunities.  Well, turns out she saved me a TON of money!  *happy dance*  Her customer service really is above par.  I hope she’s appreciated by her co-workers & managers, because she certainly is by her customers!! 
So happy today’s Friday.  J  Did you have a happy Friday?  Did you know that sometimes you can make someone’s day w/ just a thoughtful note?  It’s true!  Just as we can be torn down by thoughtless, cruel words, we can be built up by words of kindness and respect.  I love seeing the light in someone’s eyes when they’re surprised by a nice note.  : ) 

(this paragraph made me think of little things that annoy one, which then turned into a rather long GRRR, which then of course was moved elsewhere lest someone be offended by the GRRR because they don't understand that sometimes you just have to GRRR and it doesn't mean anything or much of.  LOL)

whew!  so, yeah... work went nicely today.  even all the emails were very productive, i was able to get lots accomplished, AND i even got to leave *gasp* ON TIME!  : )  always nice when that happens on a friday, right?  

had arthur's for dinner, got to chat w/ april AND linda, watched America's Got Talent (oh YES they do!)... started an episode of GH, but i needed to write & then SLEEP.  it's definitely calling my name.  especially because in the last 20 minutes or so my tummy has decided it's tired of feeling better & wants me to know it's there.  oye.  

so, i hope your friday was fab, and your sunday will be sunny.  hurricane irene ppl, batton down the hatches & i'm keeping you in prayer!  God is good ALL THE TIME, and He loves you & wants to be your ALL.  so, talk to Him today, eh?  : )  

love you & will say - TTFN!   


  1. Hello, Love to get the account info so we can provide Kudo's to the rep. If you are so inclined, please email us at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com.

  2. Thanks, Steve, I'll email right now! : )