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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

can't top mark LOL

but i did want to get a quick blurb about the day out before i go to sleep.  

the day was quite busy, but my meetings were cancelled, so i had more time for the work work.  and some nice emails!  i got to do some investigating & report running & other things that don't sound exciting, but that i enjoy.  : )  

after work, i made my way down the main street - which was slooooow going because something knocked the power out for several blocks & the stop lights were all dark!  :|  things moved faster once i got to the bridge, tho.  *laugh*  i met trish & marcie at golden corral for a yummy buffet of steak (the buffet steak was WAY tastier than last night's Outback steak, which is disappointing since Outback is a STEAKHOUSE) & baked potato & bread pudding & ice cream.  and pretty good coffee, too!  i didn't have any vegetables, i just realized.  but i had a spinach salad & salmon for lunch, and fruit for breakfast, so at least i had that going for me!  *laugh*  it was nice to see trish - hadn't seen her in a couple weeks!  we talked about leyton & trish's grandkids & marcie's grandkids, and kids kids kids!  *laugh*  it was a fun night!  

i was gonna watch rizzoli & isles when i got home, but ended up watching more buffy.  heh.  and then thanks to marianne i decided to do a man-candy post & so y'all benefited from that, right?  mmmhhhmmm!  

and now, now i must SLEEP!  tomorrow after work i have to remember to go to WM for some GROCERIES which i am in desperate need of!  heh.  have a GREAT night & happy wednesday!!  : )  


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