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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Down by the river...

Still no modem. :( to be fair, i haven't called qwest yet as i haven't been home long nough at an appropriate time! Perhaps tomorrow...

Today mom & leyton picked me up around 11 & we began the day's adventures! We started out down by the river. Played at a neat local art exhibit which is also a park. It has a lot of architectural design incorporated, including a turret! So shiny! :) we caught the water taxi to cross the river & visit the JD Pavillion. The ride was beautiful!

Leyton enjoyed playing on all the tractors, mowers & gator. I took some pics & enjoyed some of the new eqipment. :) mom got leyton a new JD construction video. (we watched it tonight & it was cool.)

we ate a yummy lunch at TGIFriday's & then headed back to the dock. The ride back on the river was quite exciting! And ... Wet... Lol see, there was a potential storm brewing, making the winds high & the water choppy. there were even whitecaps!! And then some speed boats passed us...And we got sprayed. A LOT! Tbc...


  1. Would love to help you and get you and update on that modem. You can either email me at TalkToUs@Centurylink.com or submit your information and account details here: http://on.fb.me/pDFnvq

    Rich @CenturylinkHelp

  2. Thanks, Rich! I really appreciate your comment. I was able to get everything squared away w/ the help of Mary in one of your departments. : )