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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Man Candy - a day late, but hey!


oh my goodness, i love him.  he is my movie-star husband.  isn't it nice of pam dawber to share him w/ me?  *grin*  i have loved him in Summer School, when he was just a kid.  that was about the time People acknowledged that he's the Sexiest Man Alive.

imo, he still is.  in fact, i love him more now, all mature and gray haired, and playing NCIS agent Jethro Gibbs.  he makes the name jethro COOL, i tell you what!  : )

and thanks to the picture below, i discovered a whole new website to feed my obsession w/ silver haired foxes.  YUM!

look at those gorgeous eyes, yes?  

aside from his dashing good looks, there is just something about his voice that makes me want to sleep w/ a cd of him reading me a story.  (or, you know, HIM.  LOL)  i would love to be able to meet him & take a nifty picture like the one below.

anywhoo!  hopefully the link thing works so you can see all the wonderful man candies ppl are bragging on this week.  but either way, i hope you'll enjoy the deliciousness that is mark.  tune in next week, when i think i'll feature another mark... : )



  1. ha i need to do one of these! they're so fun to read and hello! we all need a bit of man candy no? ;) and your movie star husband is indeed that!!!! <3 writing you now.. i've missed you! xo

  2. : ) heck yeah, you need to join in! can't wait to read you! *laugh* missed you, too - was just thinking about you yesterday as a matter of fact! : ) love ya!!