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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Goodness what a morning!  So, it was dark & stormy-looking when I got up, but dry outside.  Just a little sprinkly.  Still, I kinda wanted to burrow back under the covers.  I did not, I got up & got going & was out the door in time to pull the garbage can to the curb to be picked up.  Yay!  the drive was going well.  And then… then I got to the road before the bridge & it was not going so well.  When I’d gotten into the car, I’d been reminded that I had not stopped for petrol last night.  D’oh!  Well, it will be fine for getting to work & back & I’ll get it tonight, I thought.  Except the bridge was a parking lot because they’d decided to start construction today.  Today!  I’m sure there were warnings & whatnot given on the news, but I don’t watch the news, and I hadn’t heard anything on the radio.  Alas! 
Meanwhile, the clouds got darker & darker, lightning got brighter & brighter… and then the clouds opened up & the DELUGE began!  So we have sheets of water coming down, streaks of lightning, thunder that is shaking the car and the road (nice!), and ppl are trying to merge.  OH!  And I’m praying that I don’t run out of gas.  (Thank You, Lord!)  Finally, after I think 30-40 minutes from the time I reached the traffic to the time I got across the bridge, I broke free – but there is still the rain… and when I reached the road to work, it was pretty much a pool in the right lane.  And the parking lot – I watched WAVES in the parking lot.  A couple ppl walked in & the water was over ankle deep.  Then a guy came out & made it to the handicap pole & ran back in.  I was stuck in the car!  I don’t have extra socks…finally, I couldn’t wait any more (I gave it about 10 minutes, until I heard the rain was likely to stick around til noon) & I made a run for it.  my feet were soaked when I got out of the car! 
I spent another 10 minutes in the bathroom, using the hand dryers alternately to dry my socks & paper towels to dry my feet & shoes.  OYE!    The bottom of my skirt was on its own to dry.
So… how was your morning?  : ) 

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