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Saturday, 6 August 2011


i love this show!  i love this show!  i love this show!  

i kinda picked up season 1 on a whim.  i mean, it's been 10 years or so since i've seen it.  season 1, i mean, as i haven't seen it since it started.  and i haven't seen the last few seasons at all.  but it's definitely a series i would like to own all of!  : )  i've been having a marathon all day, and now i'm on the last disc & it's so sad!  

ah well, tomorrow i'll have to catch up w/ AGT & OLTL & other shows i've been neglecting for smallville.  LOL  

i read people & blogs & wrote some chicago posts & talked to a couple friends thru IM & text.  : )  

and that's my day today!  oh, i did go to the post office, as well.  mailed off a couple packages, and then went to kohl's to return something - but remembered it was tax-free weekend when i saw the PACKED parking lot.  d'oh!  i did not want to fight any crowds of that nature, so i'll just do my returns on monday.  and also my birthday presents that i still have to buy!  goodness!  

i went to subway for lunch, and asked for a turkey bacon sub, because it was their saturday special.  well, dude made a chicken bacon sub, which apparently was $1.40 more.  i was like, uh, i'm not paying for your mistake, sorry!  but i told them i'd take the sandwich, it was fine, since they'd already made it & would just have to throw it away.  but no, they made me a new sandwich.  alrighty.  and it didn't bother me, i mean whatever, i was just trying to save $1!  lol  but then they were acting ticked off that THEY made the wrong sandwich!  what the what?!  oye.  

anyway, it was a tasty sandwich.  : )   

now, THAT's my day.  LOL  hope yours was good!  : )  


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