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Thursday, 1 September 2011

stuffy day

hey party peeps!  i'm stuffy today.  not a full-on head-cold like mom has, tho, thankfully.  i think it's the weather changes.  

had a rather fun work day!  i got to volunteer for a mock meeting thing, where i played an employee of this multi-faceted winery.  i didn't do a lot of speaking, because somehow i ended up in the front row & so it was all i could do to keep my anxiety under control.  however, i still enjoyed the overall experience & would really be interested in doing something like that again!  

tonight i went to mom's to watch the live BB eviction.  HOORAY!  and we got to see jury house, which i always like.  : )  when i got home i watched rizzoli & isles & then back to season 1 of BB.  my goodness, the way the game has changed!  i definitely think it's a faster-paced show, and i'm really happy that they did away w/ the voice overs, or maybe julie does them now?  idk, but i think it flows better now.  oh, and that theme song?  oh my heck!  it's like a gum commercial.  LOL  i still would like the return of america voting & the garden/chickens.  and also maybe the challenges for food money/budget instead of slop competitions... hmmm.  

so glad tomorrow is friday!  what's everyone doing for the long weekend?  i still don't know what i'm doing w/ the boys on saturday, but leaning toward the pow wow as long as anthony doesn't throw too much tude!  : )  


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