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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

unexpected treasures on a tuesday

tuesday, which actually is like thursday this week, because tomorrow is our friday!  woot!  today was pretty good, except i had a small wardrobe malfunction in the morning.  everything worked out, but for a few minutes i thought i might have to call in for an hour!  : )  i made it in w/o resorting to that, and the day took off!  i'm doing my best not to feel overwhelmed at work.  my coping mechanism right now is to just compartmentalize things, get as much done as i can, and not think about the fact that in a few short days my workload is going to triple.  i refuse to give up my vacation next thursday, tho.  i had a brief moment thinking, how will i get it all done?  how will i manage to get everything done by the monday deadline?  i haven't even had time to get my PM done, and now i'm going to have LESS time, and ... yes, if i let myself think about it, i get this icky feeling in the pit of my stomach, so i'm just not thinking about it.

i'm trusting that it will be okay.

and so it will be.  : ) 

so, in the not-thinking-about-it vein... trish took 1/2 day vacation today, so megan & i met at hungry hobo for lunch.  hadn't been there in awhile & it was yummy!  

jen texted this afternoon to see if i could watch the boys tonight.  apparently, anthony's bus was in an accident this morning!  eep!  everyone is okay, thank God - tho anthony did have to go to the dr & had a mild concussion.  it was nice to hang out w/ both boys, since i was missing them awfully yesterday.  when i got there, i sat on the couch w/ leyton & he snuggled into me for a good 1/2 an hour, watching aladdin.  : )  love it!  we played cars a bit & read a couple stories, had a snack (i about lost a pop tart in the toaster oven - it fell thru the slats to the bottom! LOL).  bedtime was a little difficult, but anthony eventually was very helpful.  : )  and after the boys went up to bed, i got to read a chapter of Waiter Rant.  is anyone else out there a fan of these kinds of books/blogs?  i got into them because of anthony bourdain, and his book - kitchen confidential.  reading about the behind-the-scenes stuff?  love it!  (it's also a bit scary...)  then i discovered the bitchy waiter's blog (through someone else's blog, i'm sure), and i hope he writes a book someday soon!  until then, tho, there's Waiter Rant, which is kinda like a less-bitchy waiter.  *laugh*  

now i can't wait til thursday when leyton will be spending the night at mom & phil's so i'll be hanging out over there.  *bounce bounce*  i chatted w/ jen a bit before i left, and hopefully leyton'll be spending the night w/ me again in a couple weeks!  woot!!

i got home a little after 10 & bret's out for his birthday, so i'm watching No Ordinary Family (Amy Acker is guest starring!!!  which is ironic timing, since bret & i have been watching Angel season 3 lately, and amy is Fred in that show. *grin*).  i do need to get to bed pretty soon, tho.  busy day tomorrow...!

i am so thankful for a job i love to go to (mostly) every day.  i'm thankful for a family i love, and who loves me back.  i'm thankful for the love & loving of friends, as well.  i'm thankful for YOU, dear reader, because chances are you fall into one of those categories - if not now, then perhaps you will soon?  : ) 



i tried to upload my postcrossing from france, but it's not working.  so.  maybe later!  : ) 

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  1. i am so thankful for finding unexpected treasures! that bitchy waiters blog is freaking swell. i am a fan! :)

    cant wait to see your cards from france!