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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

... in which i share some postcards : )

i don't have much to say about today.  it was a good day in that i got a lot (A LOT) accomplished, my toe feels better (haven't taken my sock off yet so idk if it looks any better, but i have faith), i had a delicious bowl of chili and pb & jam sammich for dinner.  

got to watch TWO episodes of NCIS tonight!  : )  then i switched over to buffy cuz i don't want to overload the computer.  lol  (sidebar: bret is currently chirping at angel and attempting to get her to play with him.  LOL  too funny!)  i read lots of blogs, wrote a menu post about p.f. chang's finally, read some crazy political posts on fb... and now i'm ready for bed!  : )  

but first, because i haven't anything witty to say, i'll share the cards!  

from my nephew stephen.  so sweet that he sends me cards!  : )  

Russia via Tallahassee  : )  

from Corey - thanks a bunch!!  I love these kinds of views!  

German Postcrossing - LOVE this owl!

Ukranian Postcrossing 

Portugal Postcrossing - quite interesting

sea turtle from Brookfield Zoo.  ya know i love this one!  

booklet from the zoo. there's at least one card in this bunch for someone reading this RIGHT NOW.  and probably more than one.  : ) if you see a card that you'd like, let me know.  if it's not gone, it could be yours!  : ) 


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  1. yay it looks so good on your blog! thanks for posting it so that i could see it again! :) glad you like it! I have to find you a good st. george one!