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Sunday, 14 November 2010


today was another busy and fun-filled day, praise the Lord!!  : )  leyton got up WAY too early, and unlike yesterday, he wouldn't let me pop in a video & go back to sleep.  lol  so, i got up, but brought my blankie & pillow into the living room & laid on the couch!  heh.  he let me get away w/ that for about an hour, but kept bringing me legos to fix.  smart kid, that one... "if i keep pestering aunt carrie, she'll get up."  heh...  

anywhoo, finally at 7:30 i let him call gramma, but she didn't hear the phone, so he left a message & i let him call back at 8.  we met mom at IHOP at 9 & had a fun breakfast!  i had strawberry crepes, which were supposed to be strawberry & banana, so i got a side of banana, and a side of bacon, which leyton shared w/ me.  or, i shared w/ him.  lol  

after breakfast, we went to the mall, but i forgot it doesn't open til noon on sundays.  so instead we came back here & played for an hour or so.

then it was time to take leyton back to jen's & meet mom at american to pick out her new recliner.  that was fun, too, except there was a sale associate who just wasn't getting the "we're just looking, and have already connected w/ another associate, so BACK OFF" thing.  she even went so far as to try to make the associate we were working w/ look bad.  srsly!  giving her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she didn't realize that's what she was doing.  

mom did get a new recliner, tho, and i found one that i would LOOOOOVE to have.  sadly, it's almost $1000, and i don't need it, so ... it did not come home w/ me.  *laugh*  but if anyone wants to send me $899 for my birthday so i can get a squishy new chair, i wouldn't object.  ; ) 

after mom made her purchase, we had a little over an hour before the movie, so we decided to head down to the mall.  then we thought we wouldn't have time to get there, shop, and get back, so we stopped at kohl's instead.  i wanted to look at purses.  i did find a couple, but nothing perfect.  then i remembered i have a purse in the library that might be good for right now.  : )  

i don't remember what we were doing after kohl's - we still had 1/2 an hour or so... but on the way, we passed Sam's & i mentioned i was thinking about a membership.  mom said, "wanna go halves?" and so we went in & got a membership!  : )   we had to wait in line, which was fine, and when we got to the counter, everything was going swimmingly until the CSR mis-spoke & mom didn't hear her correct herself, and so she ordered something but then took it back RIGHT after it'd already been sent thru.  oye.  

after sam's, we headed to the cinema & saw Skyline.  i was expecting, from the previews, something along the lines of Independence Day or I Robot... it was more like I Am Legend, only the script sucked.  and there was no will smith.  i just realized that all 3 of those movies star will smith.  LOL  anyway, i wouldn't say skyline is good, but i did like it for the most part, and the end was VERY unusual!  i laughed SO HARD (and it's not a comedy)!!  : ) 

now, i'm gonna watch Bones & idk what else.  i finished part of V.  it's only 6:30 but feels like 10 already!  we'll see how late i make it.  

i hope your weekend was FABULOUS and fun!  : )  



  1. You are now the bajillionth person I've heard who didn't care for Skyline. It's official. I'm not going to watch it. I mean, I will if it magically ends up in my mailbox via Netflix or something, but that won't likely happen because we haven't updated our que in months, and apparently we prefer to sink $12 a month into an account we never use, hoping it will magically update itself. We're just that kinda people. Anyway, I forgot what I was saying. Oh well. You have an adorable son though!

  2. i saw skyline friday night too, and i am still trying to figure out how i liked it. It was...interesting. they obviously set it up for a sequel....we will see if that happens or not. but it definitely had me squirming and jumping and on the edge of my seat a few times. i usually had to look away anytime they sucked the people in, or ripped off their heads and pulled the brains out....i can't handle that much blood.

    and the end was a little predictable. interesting, i suppose, lol

  3. challis - LOL yeah, i'd say skip it until it's on TV. : ) and thank you for the compliment, but i can't take credit - he's my nephew. : ) i love him like he's my own, tho!

    corey - oh no, predictable?? i never saw that coming! i thought for sure they would find a way out & it'd be a happy (traditional) ending...

  4. Pictures of Leyton ALWAYS make me happy :) I really wanted to see "Unstoppable" this weekend, I don't usually like action movies, but I love Denzel - he's SO talented! Thanks for the review of Skyline. Movies are SO expensive, so I'm glad you let me know that it seems like a movie I will wait on. Can't wait for HP!! :) And how lucky that it comes out on your birthday? :) Especially for you! :)

  5. marz - ABsolutely! unstoppable looks amazing! but, this week is all about POTTER!

    i'm so excited to have a 4 day week, and then to have POTTER! potter potter potter.

    lol it's midnight-thirty, i should probably go to bed.