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Sunday, 28 November 2010

day of rest

lovely, lovely day of rest today.  i did go to taco bell for dinner - mexican pizza craving: satisfied.  : )  otherwise, i stayed snug inside, watching CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, NCIS, Four Christmases, and then back to Angel.  : )  i read some Waiter Rant and finished this week's People.  read all about our new princess-in-waiting.  well, not "our" per se, but ya know.  i'm fond of prince william and kate seems to be a very head-on-straight gal.  i think those are the kinds of leaders the world needs.  

this has been a really fabulous weekend, long weekend, but it went by too fast as these things often do!!  *laugh*  tomorrow, back to the grind for a few days.  back to deadlines and all that jazz.  back to getting up early!  i only got one day to really sleep in, which was today.  i take that back, i got to sleep in on thursday, didn't i?  up early friday & saturday, tho.  heh.  

anyway, it was worth it, so i guess that's something!  

my aunt judy gave me gift cards from borders for my birthday, so i used those to buy 4 books online today - used even!  :)  i love getting a good deal on books AND being able to use gift cards for them!!  i saw these interesting-looking books at target the other day, about how the moon gets hit by a meteor, pushing it closer to earth & causing all sorts of havoc, so i bought those.  can't wait to dig into them!  some ppl would get the first one & see if they liked it before committing to the others in the series, but i figured i might as well get them all at the same time.  

bret & i had a talk today about money & staying here & things.  we discussed his paycheck & how much he'd be giving me from the one he should receive on thursday.  also, since he's still looking for steady employment, he asked to stay another month, and i agreed.  he is a good roommate, and pays what he says he will, when he can.  he takes his turn loading & unloading the dishwasher.  he is considerate, and he is family.  : )  

what else?  i think i'm ready for beddy bye!  i hope you had a lovely day of rest today!  oh yes, and if you have a moment and are interested in entering a contest to receive an AWESOME pencil portrait of your pet, head on over to my friend Natalie's blog, Nat the Fat Rat.  her friend rachel is, seriously, an amazing artist.  check out her work of natalie's puppies, and consider entering!  : )  



  1. super glad that you got a day of rest, and that bret is a good roommate. :) yay for good roommates!