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Sunday, 21 November 2010

the blow up turkey in pilgrim garb does not have a musket

oye!  whatta weekend!  lots of fun, lots of frustrations, too.  *laugh*  i don't wanna go into the frustrations, tho, so we'll concentrate on the happy!  friday's birthday celebration you have already heard about.  : )  saturday was fun, too!  

when i got up, i organized all the christmas presents into bags for each person/family.  i was going to do some wrapping, and go to the post office to mail some of it (and the birthday month winner prizes!), but i lost track of time & didn't get out of here til 12:30 or 1.  i didn't get any wrapping done, either.  idk why, i just didn't feel in a wrapping mood after all the other work was done.  LOL  yes, though i love all the routines of christmas presents, i don't really like to wrap presents.  i'm not really good at it - better now than when i worked at kirkland's & they tried to have me wrap professionally.  that didn't work out so much.  LOL  

anyway, so i went out to ... somewhere yesterday to pick up a couple things.  is it sad that i can't remember now where i went because i've been doing so much shopping lately?  (just so no one gets worried that i'm spending myself into debt or anything crazy - shopping doesn't always mean buying, or buying much.  sometimes it's nothing, sometimes one or two things.)

when i got home, bret was watching season 2 of vampire diaries online, so i curled up on the couch & started reading Waiter Rant.  gooood book!  i got a third of the way through before i had to go to bed. i tried to send a blog from the phone, but after writing for an hour, it poofed away.  :(  NOT a happy camper there!  

this morning, i got up early (well, early for sunday!) & met marcie & trish & part of her family at golden corral for birthday breakfast.  YUMMIEZ!!!  : )  i had a little bite of lots of things - eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuit & gravy - even tried some grits & corned beef hash.  the hash was alright, but wasn't fond of the grits.  trish's friend, joy, really liked them, tho!  heh.  

after breakfast, joy, marcie, trish & i went to the theatre to watch harry potter (again for me, of course).  even better the 2nd time around!  very awesome graphics & i think this film best embodies part 1 of the book.  i may have to watch again...on imax, perhaps?  idk who'll want to go, tho.  anyone?  ; )  

after the movie, mom was waiting in the front, she wanted to see a movie & since the times worked out, asked if i'd like to see it, too.  but i don't do very well w/ back to back movies.  idk why!  i like the concept of a double-feature!  *laugh*  i just 90% of the time don't want to see two movies in a row.  weird, i know.  i do like seeing a movie, going shopping or to a meal, then seeing another one, tho.  

so, i went to kohl's to return an ornament & get two other ones - i found an ornament for lisa that i really liked at one store, but then i saw another one ... so... decisions, decisions!  i was going to gordman's to return the wallet i got for mom (her new purse is going to have everything that a wallet would have so she said she doesn't need one anymore), but they were paaaacked, so i didn't go in.  *sigh*  i went to WM, but just spent some quiet time in the car because i didn't really want to go in.  i was having an "i miss the boys" moment - and jen had texted me earlier to see if i could watch them for a little bit tonight, but i already had plans.  

mom was supposed to get out of her movie a little after 4.  i texted to say i didn't really want to go to the production anymore (idk why, i think i was just pooped or something!) but that sam's was open til 6 so we could go there after her movie.  never heard back from her.  so i went into TJ Maxx to find a book for aunt judy.  but they didn't have any more!  :(  the thing about TJM & Marshall's that i love is also the thing that i hate - can't go in there EXPECTING to find something specific.  have to go in & be surprised by what you find.  i broke that rule & then i was disappionted, because i really think she would like this book!  ah well.  

finally, it was about 5, and mom still hadn't responded to my texts, and i thought surely her movie couldn't have lasted THAT long.  so i stopped at big 10 for a diet pepsi & then called her - she hadn't gotten my texts - and the movie had been out since FOUR!  ?!?!  :(  anyway, so i just came home.  i'm going to finish watching Founder's Day from season 1 & then idk what i'll watch!  

i can't believe it's only 6 o'clock!  coming home, it felt like 8 or 9, all the darkness!  *laugh*  

anywhoooo.. i am off to read some blogs.  i am woefully behind on all of your posts!  ttfn!


  1. Hey doll! De-lurking to say best. title. ever.

    And even though I missed it at the time - Happy Birthday!!!! <3

  2. I LOVED Harry Potter!!! :) I loved every single second of it! I just love getting lost in the magic of it all :) I am an AWFUL gift wrapper. I usually just make my mom wrap things for me :) I have never had the breakfast at Golden Corral but it sounds so yummy! That was Micaela' first job and she use to let me eat in thee for free when she worked :) I loved it! Now I hardly ever go in there :(

  3. marianne, you need to go to GC for breakfast! even though we're going there for dinner thursday, i wanna go there for breakfast friday, too. totally different experience. : ) also, that is so cool about GC being micaela's first job!!