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Saturday, 6 November 2010


oh, saturday, i love you!  i didn't sleep as long as i thought i would - only til 9.  i thought for sure i'd be able to snooze til at least 10!  *laugh*  ah well.  also ah well, i wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast, but apparently i'm out of eggs!  whoopsies.  add that to the grocery list... so, i had leftover pasta from the other night instead.  and cottage cheese.  odd combo, i know, but it was filling anyway.  

then i got started on my latest menu post, which includes yet another GIVEAWAY!  cuz i like them, and it's NOVEMBER, and did i mention it's my birthday month?  *laugh*  i celebrate me by giving ppl stuff!  it's a great system, i know.  : )  so, take a look.  this giveaway does involve a purchase, but only because i think it'll be good for you.  ; ) 

so, along w/ all that, i'm just reading blogs & writing this & watching more buffy w/ bret.  oh, and doing laundry, so being a little productive even.  i was going to watch Desperate Housewives, but computer said DENIED.  grrr.  and in a couple hours - time to shop!  and i would really like the UPS guy to get here... 

and that's all i got for now!  *laugh*   i'll let ya know all about the shopping and the Phantom when i get back!  ttfn - loves!



  1. I had pasta for breakfast the other day, too! It was one of PW's recipes and with roasted pepper sauce and it was SO GOOD. I was very proud of myself because I made it from scratch and trust me when I tell you I don't have the greatest track record when cooking! :)

    p.s. Happy Birthday Month!

  2. Oh,PW has the most awesome recipes, too! WTG on making it from scratch!! : ) (Also, glad I'm not alone in the pasta for breakfast category. *grin*)