"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 12 November 2010

so much sharing, so little time

first of all, an observation from yesterday: 

So, ya know how ppl say, “let’s do lunch!” or “we should get together soon!” but they don’t really mean it?  that annoys the crap outta me!  Yet I keep trying… so then I wonder, is that their problem or mine?  I mean, when a friend says one of those two things, I then try & set something up.  I ask things like, “what’re you doing next week?” or “how about Wednesday?”  and then, I wait. 90% of the time, I get a response fairly quickly, and we work out a plan, and we meat for said meal.  But the other 10%, I wait. And wait.  And wait. Until finally it’s been a couple months since I’ve talked to my friend again, and so I send a note saying hi, how are you? And they send a note back saying they’re great & we should get together for dinner sometime!  WTH?? 
At what point should I just let it go?  At what point do I stop even offering to set anything up?  And then, after awhile, when we drift apart and don’t even send little how are you notes anymore, only Happy Birthdays or Happy Christmases on the walls of fb, because fb reminds us to send them, whose fault is it then?  I always feel like it’s my fault, like if only I’d tried harder, if only I’d sent one more invitation… *sigh
I’m thinking of this today, especially, because next week is my birthday party, and I’ve received a few RSVP’s, but then a few more maybes – which usually mean no.  I mean, I know I say maybe when I have every intention of going, but I’m just not sure I’ll be able to make it.  and most of the time from that, because I’m not committed, I end up not going.  Anyway, so there are quite a few yes’s, and if all the yes’s actually ARE yes’s, then there’ll be about 18 ppl.  If some of the maybes show up w/o telling me they turned into yes’s, I’ll need another table!  *laugh*  but since I firmly believe “the more the merrier” in these situations, bring it on.  Right?  I know I’ll be all over the place that night anyway, trying to make sure I spend time w/ everyone.  Because, if they care enough to come to my birthday celebration, I certainly want them to KNOW I care enough to spend time w/ them.  Ya know? 
You DO know, I know you do!  Lol 

next, my new favorite turtle postcard - a turtle in action thanks to a German postcrossing: 

and now: 
yesterday & today were both very good days for work.  productive!  i love productive days.  even tho today didn't FEEL very productive, because it was a food day (too many sweets, but everything was delicious) and friday, and just kinda felt like a party.  lol  

yesterday after work, i met mom at osaka.  we sat at the hibachi w/ 3 other girls.  it was quite a lot of fun!  i had a philadelphia roll (YUM!) and shrimp fried rice.  i like their rice - they put green beans & corn in along w/ peas & carrots!  : )  i had leftovers for lunch today, but then we went to rudy's, so i ate it later.  (btw, the service was great and my tacos were correct, but there wasn't much meat in them... LOL  they were good, tho!)

today i was going to take vacation to meet toni for her dress fitting along w/ some other friends, but i had some errands to run which i didn't want to take leyton w/ tomorrow - like the bank right by work & the post office - so i took my vacation & did those errands.  : )  i spent quite a bit on stamps & yet i think i might have to go back soon anyway because i am sending out thanksgiving cards this year!  *laugh*  it was a nice break, tho.  : )  

after work, i went to the hallmark by work - have you noticed how different hallmarks have different stuff?  i LOVE it!!  i stopped by quizno's for a chicken carbonerra, but they were out of mushrooms so i got a steak sammich.  it was GOOD!  

leyton's coming over tonight, and phil's bringing over a new monitor!  yay!  jen's selling me her old one for less than the one at WM, so ... yay!  i like saving money, yup yup!  tomorrow, leyton & i are gonna do some SHOPPING!!  he is usually really good about running around, field trips, ya know.  so i think it'll be lots of fun.  i just wish i had my purse camera cuz those pictures are always fun.  ah well, next time!  : )  after shopping, i'll let him pick out a toy or movie or something fun, we'll go to lunch & then i think we're going to stop by mom's to take a nap & then play for awhile.  

so excited!!  what're YOU gonna be doing this weekend??  



  1. hey carrie! we should do lunch sometime :) lol

    i totally understand the feeling though! It happens to me the same all the time, and then i always feel like its my fault! We think alike :)

    i just got home from Southern Utah University. We, (My roommate and I) went to see a funny thing happened on the way to the forum the musical, and it was HILARIOUS! It was worth every second of the two hour round trip and the alumni discount ticket it cost to go see it! easy one of my new favorite shows. :) I highly recommend it. Tomorrow I am hoping to get a chance to go see Hello Dolly at one of the high schools, and then next weekend is Peter Pan at another one of the high schools. i am so bummed that I missed phantom! That one should have been priority! anyway, that should be fun!

  2. wow, corey, you were set to have a production filled weekend! i hope you got to see everything. happy sunday! : )

  3. what I wouldn't give to go to lunch with you!! I wish, wish wish!!! I have a feeling if we lived close to each other we would have regular lunch dates! :) And how I wish I could be at your birthday party!! Why do we have to be so far away from each other? :(
    Love that Turtle postcrossing - just so perfect for you!!!

  4. thanks, marianne! i agree w/ your assessment 100%! and i would love for you to come to my party! and lunch. we would be doing lunch a lot! lol btw, thank you for the compliment about leyton! he's a good nephew. i loves him lots! : )