"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

shopping is best when you run into friends!

today was FANTABULOUS!  : )  work was pretty normal for the most part - busy but in a steady sorta way rather than a crazy sort.  we went to rudy's for lunch - which last time had been so delicious.  this time, however, i was not impressed.  :(  it was just a series of mishaps, but the staff was still friendly & i'm sure we'll go back.  well, mostly sure.  first off, the diet pepsi was flat.  they fixed that w/ their back up - pouring from a 2-litre, which i found odd but not disturbing.  i mean, a DP's a DP!  then, i thought last time we were there i'd ordered an enchilada & it had white cheese & was very good.  however, today when i ordered a cheese enchilada (specifically saying JUST CHEESE), it was yellow cheese and it also had onions!  i discovered the onions after a couple bites (and those bites were delicious) and took it up to the counter.  they said they've never had white cheese.  weird.  we munched on chips (which some tasted stale?) and i ate my taco.  when the bill came, the enchilada i'd taken two bites of was still on it.  and i was charged $5.58!!  WTH?  so i said to the waitress, "um, this is being taken off, right?  because it wasn't what i ordered?"  and she had to take it to her manager?  that was irritating, but she did bring me the adjusted bill back, so that's okay.  and she was apologetic about the wrong order.  


oh!  we had some visitors from a different area of the company today, ppl i talk to all the time about various things, but hadn't met.  it was really awesome to meet a big group of them!  it's always nice to put a face/voice to a name, right?

after work, i went to hallmark.  oh, cards galore!  i found the perfect christmas card for sandra.  : ) i haven't decided if i'll keep it & send it to her at christmas or give it to her before she heads to california.  probably the latter, just for fun!  i picked up a bunch of thanksgiving cards, because i was so excited to SEE thanksgiving cards.  found some CUTE birthday cards for work.  and i spent enough to get a free magnet set (for stephen or for me, i haven't decided yet.  gotta check w/ sarah to see if he still likes magnets or if he's over that)!

next stop was target.  i was looking for a bin for my cards, that will sit on my desk.  didn't find anything i liked, tho.  i also looked at the phone i think i want.  i'm just not sure, because idk if it'll fit in the phone pocket of my purse and it doesn't have a shell, so i'm a little concerned about accidental dialling.  i like the design of the Lotus, but VM doesn't seem to have one of those w/in my price range.  so, i'm still investigating!  i am getting a new phone - it just might not be THE new phone yet.  (by THE new phone, i mean a qwerty keyboard.)  anyway, i found the most adorable journals on sale!  soooo excited!  : )  also some christmas gifties.  love!!  (i keep saying everyone's getting blankets, and they are, but not EVERYONE everyone because i keep finding cute things for ppl that aren't blankets.  LOL)  

i grabbed chick fil a & came home.  completely forgot to stop at WM to pick up the Rx i'd called in!  d'oh!  picked up the mail & found a cute postcard from stephen.  he was a cowboy for halloween & his baby brother was a horse!  i hope sarah took pictures!  : )  

i ate my dinner & then headed over to WM.  said hi to evelyn & visited w/ her for a couple minutes before heading to the pharmacy.  my plan - get in, get the Rx & some yogurt for breakfast tomorrow, get out.  what happened - got in, went to the pharmacy, gave them my insurance card to put on file (hello, why didn't i do that before?  because sometimes, I'M the DA!  lol), and waited. ... got the Rx, headed to the home area to look for a bin for my cards.  found one!  and one for stamps, too!  yay!  i'll post pictures later if i think of it.  then i went to electronics to see if the monitor i want was in store (nope, site to store only).  i moseyed over to the movies, and found the old school V DVD's i've been looking for for ages.  (and by "looking for" i mean randomly checking various stores when i'd think of it, or after watching the series which i do have on DVD - ooh, which i saw for the first time, and bought, while shopping w/ april during my trip to maryland many moons ago!!)  then i turned the corner & was looking at some other series on DVD when i spotted someone who i thought looked like Kit.  she likes camo.  but i didn't say anything, becuase - what if it wasn't her?  i hadn't seen her in a year & a half, after all!  but i kept looking back... then i thought i saw her dad... then, while i was still trying to figure it out, i heard her mom, my dear friend carol, shout, "Carrie!"  

it was kit i'd seen!  i ran over & gave carol a hug, and then discovered that the whole family (carol, pat, nannie, freya (freya's bf) & kit) were there!  hugs, hugs, hugs all around!  except freya's bf, because that would just be awkward.  LOL  we chatted for awhile & then back to shopping.  i was seriously ferklempt (sp?) at seeing them, because as i said it'd been awhile since i'd seen the kids!  we chat on FB, so i'm fairly up to date w/ them, but still.  hugs are awesome, ya know??  : )  

i got the rest of my "groceries" - yogurt, soda & honey wheat bagels because they sounded good - and headed to wendy's to pick up a cheeseburger for bret.  i totally forgot his cough drops, i feel like such a heel! :(  i went to WM for 3 things - came home w/ about 12, and no cough drops!  *sigh*  

had a message from juli, so called her back & we chatted for a couple minutes.  : )  

i need to get to bed, but i popped in the first V movie, so i guess i'll stay up to watch it... maybe not.  idk.  i have lots of cards to sort thru & write!  and organize.  oh how i love to organize cards!  

tomorrow is a busy day, tho - lunch w/ toni, dinner w/ becca, happy food day!  (i will make smart choices!  i will make smart choices!)  ttfn!


  1. i don't think that i ever realized how crazy busy you are. wow.

    i would pass out if i even attempted to pack all of that into one of my days.

    but my favorite part of this post was when you mentioned chick-fil-a. it made my mouth water....and now i need to go get a glass of water....brb

    i wish they had chick fil a here in st. george...they had them all over the place in salt lake, but not here....maybe someday soon? :)

  2. *laugh* thankfully that's not a normal day. well, most of the time. this month is extra busy! heh. did you at least get to have some chick fil a when you were in SLC?? oh, and you should totally start a letting writing campagin to get them in st g, g. ; )

  3. Hi Carrie Marie,

    Its nice to meet you. It does sound like you've had a busy day. Not sure what a chick fil a is? Not something that we have here.

    My days revolve around diapers and family meals right now. But that's cool. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Glad you like my tree. I love that picture of Iowa, I'm packing my bags and moving right into that picture. :)
    Have a great day!

  4. Hello hello and thank you! Chick Fil A is a wonderful restaurant serving, well, chicken. I like them better than Kentucky Fried Chicken, because they're less greasy. They're also owned by a Christian family, and their workers are known for being polite & friendly! : )