"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 6 November 2010

neighborhood drama and other stories

i don't even know where to start, so i'll start at the beginning.  or, rather, the beginning of where i left off earlier this afternoon!  *laugh*  

mom picked me up at 3 & we went to WM.  i found the 2 $13 shirts i wanted to get, and mom found some shirts that she liked.  : )   i saw a couple other shirts that i liked, but decided to look at the mall first.  we went to hallmark & mom got grammy a birthday card - i still need to do that, whoops!  i read this really cute book called Smitten, about a friendship btwn a sock & a mitten.  also saw some really nifty snow globes that i think will make great christmas presents.  except that everyone is getting blankets this year.  i reeeealllly need to not overbuy christmas gifts!  lol  i mean, even tho i like buying presents.  

we went to lane bryant, and they had some AWESOME sweaters, and a 40% off sale.  however, even w/ the 40% off, i didn't want to spend that much on sweaters.  mom was cool, saying it's my birthday & now would be the time to spend the money ... but idk, i just didn't want to!  so we went to cj banks & i found 4 skirts that i really liked, but narrowed it down to 2.  : )  can't wait to put them into my skirt rotation!!  mom found some jeans she liked there, too.  cool beans!  final stop was victoria's secret for my perfume (heavenly, love iiiit!).  i got a secret giftcard, too, which i can use starting december 1st, and it's at least worth $10, but could be worth up to $500!  how neat would THAT be?!  so, around december 1st i'll go in & buy a purse sized something or other for $10, use the gift card, and see how much it's worth!  woot!!  

after the shopping, we went to the olive garden for dinner - but there were ppl outside waiting, and we didn't have time to wait.  so we went to el rodeo for mexican.  yes, i can eat mexican two nights in a row.  or three or four... heh.  i got a taco & beef enchilada w/ white cheese sauce.  YUMMY, and chips, too!  

then, it was time for PHANTOM!!  we got there about 40 minutes early, got a great parking spot, and met up w/ brad, brandee, baylee, boo, nathan, brandee's friend (trent??), aunt janie & uncle ron... hugs & chatting & so not enough time together!  the play was A.MAZ.ING!  brilliant!  faaaaabulous!  bub did so awesome, i can't even describe it.  the gal playing christine was amazing, too.  i wish i had some cash cuz i would go again tomorrow!  aunt carol even has a cameo.  : )  during intermission, we got a snack & mom outbid aunt carol on a couple of things on the silent auction.  it was funny - there was a $15 olive garden gift card that aunt carol had bid $16.50 on, so mom bid $17 or so just to play w/ her.  then the boys behind us were talking about it & mom said, "she's my sister, that's why i did that."  LOL  it was really funny!!  

after the play, mom dropped me at home.  i hadn't been in the house for 2 minutes before she called me, because apparently there was a fight going on down the street & she wanted me to call the cops.  idk why she didn't call them herself... LOL  anyway, while i was busy pushing buttons to get to a live person (seriously, even if you're calling the police for a non-emergency, is it really necessary to have at least 3 automated systems?  yeesh!) the cops & fire dept were arriving at the house.  i could hear the shouting, but didn't get close enough to see anything, really.  thank God no one came running down the street w/ a weapon or anything!!  

oh!  before mom dropped me off at home, we stopped at my mailbox & i'd received a postcrossing from Las Vegas and a much-loved card from Kate, in the Netherlands.  (*waves to kate*  hi kate!  thank you for reading my little bloggy!!  : )  )  

favorite!!  those shildpadje (baby turtle)s are just adorable!  *grin*

so, there you have my stories for today!  no UPS visit.  *pout*  i may have to call them & get an ETA, cuz bret & i will be at work on monday.  hmmm.  

i hope your saturday was spectacular!  : )  i'm off to bed - oh, don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour!  i love fall back.  extra hour...yay!  of  course, it's currently almost 1, so even w/ fall back, it's almost midnight!  gotta sleep.  



  1. Carrie <3

    How sweet of you to put the Turtle card on your Blog!
    I also had a great saturday, keep blogging about your life!

    With love, Kate

  2. Kate, I am so glad you are enjoying!! : )