"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 19 November 2010

happy birthday to me, part II

tra la la!  more fabulousness, and God is good!  i'm so grateful for my family & friends!  : )  

bret & i headed to osaka at 4:30.  traffic was abysmal, and i thought i was going to be late to my own party!  it worked out, tho, and we weren't the first to arrive but also not the last.  sherry was waiting & soon the aunts & uncle terry arrived.  next came erin, but she just stayed for a pepsi, then becca & finally juli & john.  they'd been at the other japanese steakhouse, wondering where everyone was!  d'oh!  lol 

the food was terrific, the company wonderful!  aunt nancy should be emailing me some other pictures, so i'll add those in soon.  i think she got some of our hibachi chef, and maybe one of me.  heh.  everyone did a great job picking out cards... aunt vicky wins for funniest, aunt judy for best (and only) song - the chicken dance, and sherry wins for cutest: 

after dinner, we headed over to the theatre for harry potter.  we didn't have to wait in line, and got to pick our perfect seats & hang out for 45 minutes before the show.  the movie was EXCELLENT!  really well done, and really enjoyable.  i can't wait to see it again on sunday!  : )  

when we got home - more vampire diaries.  and now it's 1am, and i'm soooo tired!  so i think i'll take my birthday butt to bed.  : )  thank you for all the birthday wishes & cards & gifts & friendships!  happy november 19th!!  



  1. I LOVED HARRY! It was fantastic! happy birthday again!glad you enjoyed yourself!
    also, i love the boobie traps picture.
    second also, my roommate mike LOVES the vampire chronicals.

  2. I'm SO glad you had a wonderful birthday Carrie!!! I wish I had been there to celebrat you! :) Those are wonderful cards! The boobie trap CRACKED me up! :)

  3. corey - mike has good taste!

    heehee, that boobie card gets the biggest laughs! love it!