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Wednesday, 3 November 2010


sometimes i make decisions that ppl don't agree with.  

and that's okay.

i pray about the decisions i make, and i listen to the promptings of my heart.  i believe in the Lord's power - His ultimate power.  i believe that He will use every decision i make for good, because i love Him and trust Him.  this is not to say that i always make the right decision, even tho it might seem right at the time.  but i have to trust that, even if things don't work out exactly the way i want them to/thought they should, they will work out, and ppl (and I) will be blessed.  

so, today i got some advice on a few financial decisions, which will help me in the new year.  but i had to decide if that would be enough.  could i dig out of this hole i seem to be in?  the answer was no.  i couldn't make the math work out, i couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel, i couldn't figure out a time when i would be able to have everything paid off at once.  and so i did something i wasn't sure about, but i feel right about.  i took out a small loan, which will help me pay off a good chunk of my current bills, and will alleviate some of my debt.  well, as it's a loan, i guess it's really shifting my debt but it's shifting it into a managable piece!  : )  

praise the Lord!  : )  i feel like a weight has lifted, really.  

and now i can concentrate on the fun ... well, after my class tomorrow i can concentrate on the fun.  lol  they scheduled this class (the 3rd in my "living w/ diabetes" series) for a cutoff day at work.  eeeeeep!  but it'll be okay.  i have class til 11, then will pick up lunch & be in to work before noon.  i can stay til 6 & get stuff done, then i get to go play w/ leyton & anthony!  : )  and after that - it's friday!  after work, dinner party at sancho's, then bub's play (Phantom of the Opera, i am soooo excited!).  not sure what's going on saturday & sunday, but i know it will involve snuggling in my bed for a good rest period!  

speaking of rest... i should get to bed.  bret & i had a nice chat tonight.  oh, and i got to watch chuck!  : ) 

happy hump day, bloggy peeps!  ttfn!  




  1. oh my gosh! what a coincidence! Dixie High School here in St. George is doing Phantom of the Opera too! And I am going to see it Friday night too! That is so funny!

  2. and also, i think it sounds like you made the right decision with the loan! i hope it all works out for you! but, with your faith, i am sure god will help ya out ;)

  3. haha! corey that is awesome! we'll both have to blog about our different experiences w/ the same production!! : )

    and thank you!