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Monday, 29 November 2010

frozen waffles & strawberry cream cheese make an awesome snack!

that's right, i use my frozen waffles like a bagel or english muffin.  i haven't tried PB yet, but i am thinking that'll be tonight's midnight snack.  altho, earlier, because i am not planning to stay up til midnight.  i'm TIRED!  heh.  i was going to watch the boys after work today, but jen texted & said she didn't need me after all, so i just went to hy vee & came home.  

monday, monday, what a crazy day.  but not.  it wasn't really crazy, it was just like that big breath before the crazy starts.  like when you're going up the track on a new roller coaster, one that you've seen but never been on before.  you've been on other coasters, so you know what happens - you go up, you go down, you go really fast.  but you don't know the twists & turns of this coaster by heart, you're not sure when the hill goes down, or how long it's going to last.  so, when you're going up that first hill, you're nervous, and excited, and just a tingle of tummy bottoming out fear.  *laugh*  that was today.  tomorrow is my helper bee's last day, and it's a food day, and she's only there 1/2 the day.  so i know that not much work is going to get done, which means that everything will be falling back on me... 

i'm not complaining, because i really, truly, like my job!  it's just that - i'm one person, and it's a 2 1/2 person job.  : )   despite the coming pressure, i'm looking forward to tomorrow's food day.  i'm bringing cream puffs. oh so good!  marty's bringing her famous veggie dip & crackers (or, you know, veggies).  i think lindsay's bringing fruit.  idk, but whatever everyone brings, it'll be nummers!  ; )  i'm also looking forward to hanging out w/ becca on thursday, even though she informed me today that she has to pick me up at SIX-THIRTY in the morning so we can pick her mom & sister up.  eeep!  as long as there's coffee, i'll be alright... *laugh*  

tonight i caught up on a couple shows - human target (dude!  it's back!  yesss!) and the event (i really hope it sticks around, i like it!!! but i read an article that it's been losing viewers?  what's that about?  ugh.) - and chatted w/ april & erin for a bit.  : )  

what else?  my darling friend micaela was married over the holiday weekend.  i'd like to take this moment to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  i'm so deliriously happy for her & her ma!!!!  so many exclamation points, but as i told her - there aren't even enough of them to truly show how excited i was to hear the news!  : )  : ) : )  : ) : ) 

i think that's all for today!  ttfn my darling blog buddies!  

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  1. love the roller coaster analogy. :) i have felt that one before, for sure! so glad that it turned out okay :) you have such a good attitude!