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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

attempt at a happy post - take one

today wasn't a bad day, even though i came through it quite grumpy.  it was a food day in honor of my helper bee's last day, so that was nice.  gonna miss my helper bee, but we'll have FB & email!  : )  everyone brought some awesome and amazing foodstuffs!  my breakfast and lunch were both delicious.  

i worked on memorial requests all day - i got a huge packet of checks in the inter-office today!  woot!  i didn't even get them all done, so more to work on tomorrow.  actually, tomorrow - since i am now sans a helper bee - i will be working on vacations & claims.  eeep eep!  i stayed til 6 tonight & that was nice.  the last hour & a half or so was so quiet - no emails or phone calls or anything to pull me in different directions.  lol  AND my wall-mate brought out her christmas music, so that was awesome!  nothin like some burl ives & bing crosby to put you in a jolly mood, i tell ya!  : )  

after work, jen texted to see if i could watch the boys.  i said sure.  flurries started in today, COLD weather & snow, perfect for some coffee!  i stopped at starbucks for a skinny hazelnut latte (they were out of sf vanilla and peppermint!!) and then qdoba for dinner.  i came home to scarf down my nekkid burrito & change into my pre-jammies for babysitting.  bret's former roommate was here... there's a crazy situation there, and idk how to make heads or tails of it, so i'm just not.  i'm taking the "not my problem" approach right now.  heh.  

i headed over to jen's at 7:15 & the boys were good for the first hour.  we had fun playing catch w/ a weird green football-shaped ball in their room.  

then we went downstairs to look over the toy catalog, watch the santa claus 3, and play PSP or some other gaming system.  

unfortunately, for whatever reason, anthony decided to start picking on leyton.  well, leyton wasn't an innocent bystander, he was being whiney & grumpy.  but it was his bedtime!  jen had told me she'd be home by 8:45 at the latest, in time for bedtime.  so i didn't try to put leyton to bed.  when it's just him, i'm able to get him pj'd & whatever, usually.  i can bargain w/ him or whatever.  but when anthony is there, he just pick pick picks at him, and then leyton gives it back & it's just not a whole lot of fun to be around.  especially when i JUST get leyton into a better mood & anthony pesters him into whining or screaming again!!!  oh, that FRUSTRATES me to no end!  :(  and then when i try to tell anthony why he shouldn't do that or whatever, he gets attitude w/ me.  :(  argh!  i love him, which is the only thing that i hold onto at times like that.  if i didn't, i wouldn't go over there.  at least not on days when i'm already grumpy.  oh, and THEN when jen got home, she was pissed that leyton wasn't in bed.  EXCUSE ME?  SHE is the one who told me she would be home in time to put him to bed.  so i didn't even try to get him to go to bed.  if she'd taken the kids to volleyball with her, they wouldn't be in bed, so... i don't get it sometimes, i really don't.  

anyway, i realllly needed a smoke after that, so i drove around the block before coming home.  oye!  but, i did have some happiness in my mailbox, from germany, holland, and japan:

and also my favorite episodes of Angel were on, so that was nice.  oh, AND becca texted to say i could sleep a little later & meet at her house at 7 on thursday.  : )  woot!  

so you see, despite the frustrations, it really was a good day.  a blessed day, as they are.  a LATE day, tho - it's 12:30 & i desperately need SLEEP!  ttfn!  


  1. i can barely ever stay up that late anymore! lol i just get tired and fall asleep wherever i lie. :) haha but yay for pot luck breakfasts!

    glad you had a good day in the end :) those are what we like having.

  2. Your human resources office seems more fun than my human resources office. Whoa--did I just use "fun" and "Human Resources" in the same sentence?!?!?! I take it back! I take it back! One of my co-workers is retiring at the end of the month, and I think all he's getting is a Red Cross t-shirt somebody rounded up on the third floor.

  3. *laugh* i love pot lucks. anytime! any food! there's just something about sharing lots of different foods that is awesome. : )

    our office can be fun, for sure. it's all about the ppl! you're fun, so your office can be fun. embrace the fun! lol okay, now i've put on my carrie cruise director hat... hee!