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Friday, 26 November 2010

Jesus Christ is a Savior not a swear word.

i'm posting this as a post & also making it a page.  

so, tonight mom & i went to see Morning Glory.  it's about a morning show producer who puts her heart & soul into her job, only to be sacked due to economic fall out.  she finds a new job at a new morning show, and has to work w/ diane keaton and harrison ford.  jeff goldblum plays her boss, and i believe she is played by amanda peet.  this movie is one of the BEST movies i've seen all year.  seriously, i loved it.  the ONLY bad thing i can say about this movie, is unfortunately one of the most important things.  

they used Jesus as a swear word at least NINE times.  NINE!!!  WTH?  it makes my heart hurt.  Jesus was not used as a swear word in TV & movies until just recently.  not in "family friendly" TV or PG/PG-13 movies, anyway.  now, i hear it a lot, in shows that i otherwise love to watch.  what's changed in our society?  we've gotten away from any kind of respect for Christianity.  it's not just about Jesus, believing or not believing in Him.  it's about Christians being the bottom of the totem pole now.  it's not like we have the greatest history or anything, i know.  but in our culture of ... tolerance... the group that gets the least is Christians.  i know this is Biblical and unfortunately just another sign ... but knowing that doesn't make it hurt any less on a personal level.  ya know?

and then there's leyton.  yesterday he said "Jesus Christ" as a swear.  we all stopped, stock still, in shock for a moment.  i said my standard, "noooo, Jesus is not a swear word!" and mom was about to cry.  leyton said, "what's wrong, gramma?" and she said, "it just makes gramma sad that you have to hear things like that."  again, BREAKS my heart.  : (   and it's just the perfect example - he has a heart for the Lord.  he LOVES when he gets to go to church w/ gramma.  he randomly will talk about Jesus & God & how they created this or that, and how they love him, or me, or mommy, or whomever.  he loves to pray, at meals and before bed.  he remembers the blessings better than me, or gramma, sometimes.  he has the HEART.  but he also is in an environment where he hears ppl use Jesus as a swear word, and he is a little sponge, and absorbes all that.  he's still learning how to filter, and we have to help him w/ that, but it's oh so hard when other ppl he loves and  is around think it's okay to use Jesus in that manner.  

i know He doesn't mean the same thing to everyone.  i completely understand that.  but those ppl also have to know He DOES mean something to others.  buddha doesn't mean anything to me.  however, i don't swear buddha.  i don't say, "HARE KRISHNA!" when something is unpleasant.  i did used to say vishnu quite often, but i stopped because i thought it was kinda disrespectful to hindus.  i'm also not really fond of the saying, "Holy Mother of God."  hello, still swearing on JESUS, or His parentage.  


again, i totally understand that this is not something that's going to change anytime soon, if at all.  i am only one person.  but this is a stand that i have to take.  i've taken it forever (just ask georgette!) and i'm not stopping now.  Jesus is not a swear word.  whether you believe in His salvation or not, you should respect His name.  everyone will eventually - that's Biblical, too.  i'd just rather it was voluntarily observed sooner rather than later.  

thanks for reading.  ttfn.  


  1. i can see where that would be completely frustrating. i have on occasion been guilty of this too, but I am going to try to do better!

  2. yay, corey! i'm glad to know you're going to try. that's really all i ask - an awareness, because i think generally if ppl are AWARE then it makes it easier not to use His name as a swear.