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Friday, 26 November 2010

black friday shenanigans

i planned to go shopping today, but not til later.  that changed when leyton called before 8 am & said he was ready for breakfast.  *laugh*  good thing bret was up (altho, he wasn't happy about being up so early) because i don't hear the phone when i'm in my cocoon.  very rarely does it penetrate from my closed door, fan, and radio white noise!  well, the radio is playing music, but the fan is for white noise.  the combination helps my sleeping in!  : )  

anywhoo!  so, i got up & dressed & watched some Angel & read som People while i waited for mom & leyton to arrive.  we went to IHOP for breakfast - banana bread french toast.  oh.my.heck!  i'll be having that again for sure!!  actually, i would like a piece of banana bread right now.  we got a loaf from GC yesterday, but it's at mom's, so i'll have to get it laters.  : )  

after breakfast, we went over to target to look at phones - i think mom's going to get my new phone for me for christmas.  woot!  i'm still not 100% sure i want to switch to an open type phone, tho.  we'll see!  i did find a new shirt, and Sixteen Candles (for $5!  woot!), and i bought a couple hot wheels for my purse.  i picked a mystery car which turned out to be a pink flamingo, very cool!  then, i had a police car picked out, but leyton decided he wanted me to get a truck, and since they are really for him... heh.  he also got to pick out a toy & picked this really neat Cars trailer w/ a car & little pit guy ... very cute!  

we went over to best buy & i asked about a camera charger - they gave me one that is supposed to work for my type of batter, but i've had it plugged in & it doesn't appear to be working.  : (  i'm so close to having my purse camera back!!  if it doesn't work i'm going to be annoyed.  and sad.  *sigh*  

after best buy, we still had over an hour til the movie.  so we went to chick fil a & opened leyton's truck & played w/ that for awhile. 

we went to the theatre in plenty of time - or so we thought!  sadly, the 12:45 was SOLD OUT!  :(  leyton handled it really well, tho!  we're going tomorrow.  : )  so it's all good!!!

mom & leyton went home to take a nap & i planned to write this little post & see about my phone (they don't carry the one i wanted anymore?  i am so confused by virgin mobile sometimes!  but i really like them, so i just keep trying to understand them!  *laugh*)... i need to run over to WM & then i'll go down to mom's when leyton wakes up.  after phil takes leyton back to jen's, mom & i are going to the mall & then to see Morning Glory.  it looks like a fun movie!  

ttfn!  hope you're having a great black friday - whether you went shopping or not!!  : ) 

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  1. black friday! seriously, a retailers favorite day of the year...so thus it is my favorite day of the year! ;) lol i spent far more money that i should have, but less that i had alloted myself, so that is good! yay me!

    haha you saw my picture of one of my outfits on facebook! i waited in a 25 minute line to pay for that! haha!