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Monday, 15 November 2010



i'm about too tired to write tonight!  bret was on the computer when i got home & worked on bound for life stuff all night.  he left about 9:30 to go to WM & i hopped on to watch 2 episodes of Castle (nathan fillion, *heart*) and read some blogs & whatnot.  : )  oh, while he was online, i did manage to watch some walker, texas ranger and read both my People magazines, so it was a good thing anyway!  *laugh*  

i also got to chat w/ aunts nancy & judy, to kinda flesh out a plan for friday.  trish had me in panic mode that we needed to pre-order tickets, but then when i looked at the times available, it just wasn't working!  so, after talking to aunt nancy, i decided to see if the theatre adds times on friday (they usually do - or they did before they switched owners!), and then we can pre-order for the 7:30 or 8 o'clock show.  the two times offered right now are 7 & 10, and i really don't want to lock everyone in to 7 as i'm not sure we'll be done w/ dinner in time to make it to the theatre in good time to get in line.  and 10 is just too late for most of my party!!  especially as the movie is 2 1/2 hours long!  : )  (*pause*  *happy dance*  i getta see HP in just a few days!!!!  *happy dance*)  

okay, i don't even want to talk about my annoying lab appointment this morning (stupid news network stories, first of all - CA teen told he can't come to school (in AMERICA) w/ the American flag on his bike because it might "ignite tensions."  W.T.H???  next story - a teacher was disciplined for suspending a student making anti-gay remarks & a gay student stood up for the teacher.  okay, student standing up for teacher = good thing.  however - according to the teacher, the "anti-gay" remarks the other student made?  essentially just saying that they disagreed w/ the gay lifestyle because of their religious beliefs.  *boggle*  and that was enough to suspend someone?  i am hoping i missed something in the story, and it was actually about a different student who was really saying something slanderous, otherwise, that teacher deserved to be disciplined!  what has happened to our LOGIC in this country?  to our common sense?  to our common sense of DECENCY?  political correctness has ruined, and is continuing to ruin us, ppl.  wake up & smell the coffee!  you can't make one group of ppl free at another group's expense.  the only way this whole thing works is if everyone is FREE to live.  that means gay ppl.  that means Biblical Christians.  that means 13 year olds who want to fly our flag.  that also means the freedom to be modest.  there was an airport scanner/sexual harassment story... oye, i can't even get into it.  it's just too ridiculous the amount of freedoms we as americans have given up w/o even realizing it.  and we'll continue to lose freedoms until, as a nation, we stand up for it and FIGHT for it.  *cough*  sorry, LONG tangent... )... and apparently i DO want to talk about my lab appointment!

d'oh!  anyway, after all those news stories making me mad, the lab tech made me mad - i was fasting, but had a couple drinks of DIET (read: no sugar) Dr Pepper this morning.  stupid me, was honest when she asked if i'd been fasting, water only.  she then called the dr (not pepper) to see if it would be okay to still do the labs even though i had 2 drinks of DIET soda.  i heard her on the phone.  she told the dr i'd had REGULAR soda.  ARGH, woman!  annoying, right?  even more annoying?  when she came back & "lectured" me on needing my labs to be fasting & that meant NO SUGAR.  um, hello, last time i checked diet soda has NO SUGAR.  am i missing something here?  when counting carbs, i'm allowed to drink as much diet soda as i can, because it's not going to affect my blood sugar.  so... um... if it's not going to affect my bs, why are you giving me this BS?  lol  

*sigh*  anyway, so that was a wasted trip.  and of course they want me to reschedule, but i'm just done til january.  i can't take any more time off work for dr appts!  so i cancelled my appt w/ dr on friday, because what's the point of going in if she doesn't have labwork to check?  grrrr.  

i need a pick me up!  

that's better...  : )  i'm off to sleep, perchance to dream.  last night i dreamed that aunt jan met me for lunch & then abandoned me.  and mom was there, but too busy to eat w/ me.  so i just got my food to go & was leaving, but then some guy came in (from the war - what war?  idk!) & said jan had left on an emergency call of great importance & i should wait for her.  hmmmm... 

i hope your monday was nice!  : )  ttfn.  


  1. I just have to let you know that I am sorry that It has been taking me so long to read all these blogs! hahah i have been so busy at work. i think they hate that i like to read blogs, so they keep me busy. so blame them. lol that sounds like the whole doctor visit was ridiculous. i would stop the nurse while she was on the phone and say, um, no excuse me. i had DIET.

  2. LOL I DID stop her & say that, and she just looked at me like... *blink blink blink* so I gathered up my coat & came back to work. heh.

    oh, and, i'm amazed that ANYONE can keep up w/ my blogs, so HIGH COMPLIMENTS go to you for doing so on average!!! : )