"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


happy hump day, party bloggy friends!!  : )  

i'm watching burn notice.  love love!  

(erm, in the midst of watching and writing, angel leaped up on the desk, as she sometimes does, and attempted to jump on top of the monitor - which she was used to doing w/ the behmoth i had before.  it didn't work out too well for her (or me!) with the flatscreen, however!  knocked the whole thing down, and THANK GOD it didn't break!  how much would that have sucked???  so, i picked it all back up, and now i'm watching CSI:NY.  *grin*)  

and then i'm going to bed, because wow i'm wiped!  

today was good, tho.  we had thanksgiving in the cafe & they had a delicious cornbread stuffing.  mmm!  and greenbeans w/ cranberries.  surprisingly tasty!  at the end of the day my pod was getting loopy, so it was a fun final hour!  

after work i picked up pumpkin curry for dinner.  mmmmm.  EXTRA pumpkin!  extra sweet pumpkin, too, tonight, making my favorite favorite!  : )  i will have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  woot!  oh, i had some nice mail, too.  birthday card from sarah & stephen & chase & mark.  : )  i'll try to remember to scan it in later.  

i'm so happy tomorrow is my friday!  i need to switch purses - oh, i bid on a harvey bag on ebay.  doubt i'll win it, as the auction goes for 5 more days, but we'll see!  i also have some prize packages to put together.  : )  that's exciting, yes?  

and, that's all i really have for today!  LOL  happy hump day again!  and goodnight.  

and, ttfn!  : )  


  1. oh i am so jealous that tomorrow is your friday! i have been having a terrible week at work! something is going to have to change soon! arg! lol I hope that you have a splendid weekend! :) hugs!

  2. aww, *hugs* back, corey! i hope your day went better today!!