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Thursday, 25 November 2010

thank you

to mom, for a delicious turkey dinner, w/ stuffing and green bean casserole, gravy and rolls, and bread pudding.

to golden corral for being open on thanksgiving so that we didn't have to cook or clean up.

to michael, our waiter, for doing an awesome job, even though the place was packed, of bringing me refills right when i wanted them, and keeping out table cleared of plates.  i'm sorry i forgot to leave you the extra tip i had planned, but mom took off w/ your normal tip so fast.  she likes to make sure the person who served us is handed the tip, because she worries about bussers stealing it.  (i'm not sure if she's known some dishonest busboys or what the deal is w/ that...)

to trish, for the birthday present movies of Christmas w/ the Kranks and The Family Man.  i watched christmas this afternoon for the first time, and it's definitely now one of my favorite christmas movies!!

to phil, for bringing leyton over so i can play w/ him.  ; )

to you, for reading this blog and for commenting.  *HUGS*  i so enjoy hearing from you!!

ttfn - i'm off to mom's again & will have pictures when i return!  <3


  1. So cute! I am glad to hear that you had a great Thanksgiving! Your Mom is one of my new favorites now, just because of her waiter-tip complex.

    Also, totally random, but I thought you would enjoy knowing that I am excited because I am going to Las Vegas on the 4th to see The Blue Man Group, and we are going to eat at P.F. Changs! haha I am sooo exited!

  2. oh my heck, i am so jealous/happy for you about blue man group!! they were here many years ago, and i wanted to go w/ my dad. actually, i think that might've been the year he passed away... i think he would've really liked them, tho! HAVE FUN! and enjoy PFC! : )