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Monday, 22 November 2010

monday wheelings & dealings and a chick fil a compliment

breakfast - sausage & cheese biscuit from hardee's, and a diet pepsi.  warm, gooey sammich munched on the drive to work.  i could eat one every day.  okay, maybe every other day.  still, i might have one again tomorrow because i didn't stop at WM to get my yogurt, and bret didn't stop at WM to get my yogurt, so... no yogurt!  *laugh*  

work - a couple of hours on email, MANY phone calls, mostly involving timecard issues.  

lunch - management treated us to free pizza, which was very sweet of them.  however, they chose to go w/ pizza hut, which is just not my favorite pizza.  trish, marcie, megan & i went to rudy's instead.  the special for monday is the small combination plate, which contains so much food that i had leftovers, and all for $5!!  : )  it was yummy, too!

work - more emails, more phone calls (30 minutes for one timecard issue, for a very nice lady, but she was in a warehouse or something and one of the trucks kept BEEPING.  it was annoying!), and then a couple hours spent on memorial checks.  

i was supposed to stop at WM after work, but just didn't feel like it!  chicken salad for dinner, and fruit.  mmmm.  also - chick fil a has the best customer service in the entire area, perhaps the country, maybetheworld.  seriously, ya know how sometimes in fast food drive thru's, there is some yahoo that causes the line to stall for 10 minutes that feels like forever?  and when you get to the window after waiting so long, they just toss your food at you w/ no explanation?  not chick fil a!  we were in line for about 10 minutes after ordering, and when i got to the window, they offered an apology for the wait and also TWO coupons for free chicken sammiches for the inconvenience!  how sweet is that??

so, in conclusion, chick fil a has amazing chicken, sparkly soda, FRUIT, and the best customer service in the world.  : )  

and that's all i have for you today!  oh wait...there's more!

when i got home, i had some nice mail waiting for me!  : )  cute pooh birthday card from bob.  AND... AND...!!!  oh my goodness, THIS: 

LOL  i love it!  : )  also awesome because my current radio doesn't work all the time, so hopefully this one will pick up a strong signal.  cuz i like to listen to music at night, ya know?  thank you, bob!  love you lots!!  

what awesome thing happened to you on this lovely monday??  



  1. SOOOO wish there was a chick fil a here! :( The closest one is about an hour away! I LOVE chick fil a so much!!! We do have a Golden Chick which I love SO much too! Do you have any of those? There's so much to be said for good customer service! It's a rare thing these days so when you find it you appreciate it that much more! I had Taco Bell tonight :) I LOVE their volcano burritos and verde sauce :) YUMMY!!! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week love!!! Awesome radio! :) SO neat and nice of Bob :)

  2. i completely agree with you on chick fil a having the best customer service ever! seriously, they are absolutely incredible. I am so healous that yo have one near you. the closest one to me is five hours away in slc or in los angeles. they dont even have one in vegas. that is absurd to me.

    but, on the plus side, i DID get to have a yummy hungry howies pizza today! that was totally a highlight of the day!

  3. We don't have chick fil a in the North, but my sister moved to GA last year and she said its delicious and the owner is a christian...Maybe someday they'll expand up here! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. marz - no golden chick, but it sounds yum-o! also, LOVE taco bell's new verde sauce! mmm, now i want a mexican pizza w/ that & sour cream.

    corey - we don't have a howie's that i know of, but i've been craving pizza all week! was even going to order some tonight, but then ended up watching the kids, so maybe tomorrow for dinner. : )

    kandi - i absolutely think the owner's love of the Lord has a mighty influence on the customer service. i hope they do expand so that everyone has one close by. like mcdonald's - one on every other corner!

    happy thanksgiving!! : )