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Thursday, 4 November 2010

quickie III

sleeeeeeeepy!  so sleepy my mind's gone.  LOL  i'm ready to sleep.  but first, i wanted to share tonight's gallery of photos from leyton & anthony time!  : )  we had fun, and leyton actually went to bed w/o much of a fight.  i think it helped that phil stopped by before he went to work.  heh.  

class # 3 went well, altho i ended up being about 15 minutes late.  but that's okay cuz it's just check-in time!  : ) i got to work at 11:30 instead of noon, tho, so that was cool.  i needed that extra 1/2 hour, too!  in my first hour & a half i had 9 phone calls!  i thought i was going to have to stay til 6 - that was the plan - but i finished the deadline stuff by 4:30.  : )  then i was able to work on some memorial stuff and getting the birthday food day email out to my peeps!  heh.  

i got home at 6, made dinner quick, got the mail (postcards, yay!!), and then headed over to jen's for evening fun!  after the boys went to bed, i watched criminal minds & read some of People.  jen got home about 10 & i headed home home home.  got to chat w/ joy a bit (yay!) and watch some buffy, 

from Russia  

and now - really - bed!  : ) 

TGIF!!!!!  ttfn.


  1. wow i like the Malaysia postcard! I have always wanted to go there!
    So turns out that I have to forego Phantom at Dixie High tomorrow night. :( But on the bright side, the reasoning for that is I am finally becoming famous. I am doing a photo shoot tomorrow for tuacahn, which is a huge theater company in this area. they are getting ready for their christmas show, and have asked me to pose as charlie brown in the promotional ads that will be plastered all over the great state of utah! how exciting! they will even be on billboards in Vegas and Salt Lake City! I am so excited! so anyway, thats tomorrow night, and so i can't go to phantom. but i am so excited for you to go!

  2. corey, that's awesome!!! congratulations on this big break!

    ironically, i don't get to go to phantom tonight, either. but we're going tomorrow night, after some early birthday shopping! : )